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Ty Ellingson, Alien 5 Artist, Talks Existence of Blomkamp’s Alien 5 Script

Earlier this year Ty Ellingson shared some artwork he did while working with Neill Blomkamp on his aborted Alien 5 project. In particular Ty shared concepts for Sky Crane variant of the iconic dropship.

Whos Nick, formerly of Hybrid Network, has shared a new interview he conducted with Ty regarding his work in the industry, and Ty’s involvement with Blomkamp, and Alien 5 in particular was discussed. When asked about the rumours surrounding whether or not Blomkamp completed a draft of the film, Ellingson said:

“I didn’t ever see a completed script. I saw what I would call a scriptment – a treatment – a scriptment is like half-and-half. But it was there. It’s not that uncommon to have an advanced scriptment, a partial script with treatment attached, to move the project forward. That’s how Mimic got made. Mimic was a scriptment.”

 Ty Ellingson, Alien 5 Artist, Talks Existence of Blomkamp's Alien 5 Script

Ty Ellingson’s concept art of the new dropship variant.

Ellingson went on to talk to about how James Cameron’s Avatar was green-lit from a similar scriptment, something that Aliens’ very first treatment was also very similar with in terms of format. Ty further elaborated that –

“I didn’t see any holes in it that you couldn’t fill, and I think that Neill was working with writers at the time that we were doing the work. The set pieces, the beats were there. I don’t know whether it was a finished draft or an advanced treatment, I don’t know. It wouldn’t mean there was a problem one way or the other.”

The two discussed other things about Alien 5, such as how heartbroken that Ellingson was following the collapse of the project, which you can listen to the full interview below. The Alien 5 discussion begins around 01:13:00.

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Comments: 21
  1. Nightmare Asylum
    I don't see him ever circling around to it, honestly. Even if they do cycle back around to a new alt-Alien 3 project, he really seems to have moved on. The recent Walter Hill treatment seems to have had a similar premise but from the sounds if it, nothing is going on there either.
  2. TStyx
    So what was the plot behind the script?  I've never seen an outline, did I miss it?  All I've seen so far is Ellen Ripley, again, and Hicks are in it but I'm not sure how that would make it a great script.
  3. Rabbit2100
    I can't help but feel like Ridleys story is just not as interesting as what Blomkamp was working on.

    The haphazard state of Covenant makes it glaringly obvious, the creature feels almost begrudgingly shoehorned into the 3rd act because "I'll f*cking give 'em aliens"
  4. Lost_Hunter
    A shame, the more I see of this project the more I'm convinced it could have been something special. An alternate "What if" that could have just been the shot in the arm we needed. The suit ADI was designing with the multiple arms was their best effort by a long shot. A return to the biomechanics that haven't been seen in the films since 1986. The new dropship looks awesome. Way to go Fox. Alien 3 and Resurrection have their merits but really? Covenant? Aweful. Aliencamp may not have been the movie we deserved but it was the one we needed.
  5. Xenomorphine
    Based on the Scott quote, there was at least a finished first draft script, at some point.

    Interesting to have confirmation that Blomkamp was apparently working with not just one, but several other writers, however.
  6. Nightmare Asylum
    This excerpts you posted seem pretty in line with the last rumblings about the state of the project before its cancelation, and with the comments that Ridley Scott made.

    I'll have to listen to the full interview later.
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