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Dark Horse Comics – What’s Still Coming and What is Cancelled

We were shook yet not surprised by the news that after 30 years, Dark Horse Comics would be losing the license for the Alien, Predator, and AVP comics to Disney-owned Marvel Comics.

When we heard that this change would go into effect come January 2021, we were concerned that given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and comic printers shutting down, some of Dark Horse’s planned releases wouldn’t be able to make the license expiration date.

So Alien vs. Predator Galaxy reached out to Dark Horse for clarification on what was happening with future releases. While the single issues that were planned for AVP: Thicker Than Blood and Predator Hunters III are no longer coming, the full series will be released as trade paperbacks later this fall. Both Alien vs. Predator: Thicker Than Blood and Predator: Hunters 3 are currently slated for release on November 4th.

Alien: The Original Screenplay will receive both single issues and a trade paperback release, though we only have dates for the first two issues: the 5th of August and the 2nd of September. Unfortunately, Predator: The Original Screenplay has been removed from Dark Horse’s website, will not be seeing a release.

 Dark Horse Comics - What's Still Coming and What is Cancelled

In addition, thanks to Bradley John Suedbeck of the Aliens Gateway Station Facebook Group for his own contact with Dark Horse, they clarified – and unfortunately so – that the second volumes of The Essential Comics compilations for Aliens, Predator, and Alien vs. Predator have been cancelled.

Though Predator Hunters III will likely make a fitting finale of the Dark Horse Predator series, we would’ve loved to have Predator: The Original Screenplay as a companion piece to the upcoming Alien: The Original Screenplay. If significant progress has been made on the series already, hopefully it will eventually see a release under Marvel.

 Dark Horse Comics - What's Still Coming and What is Cancelled

We’ve really enjoyed Dark Horse’s ’20th Century Fox Uncovered’ concepts so far, and there’s definitely more unused scripts we’d love to see in comic form if Marvel is looking for new series to pursue.

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Comments: 12
  1. 426Buddy
    This is a little out of left field but I really wish we could get Bererker collected in a TPB. I know it's not the greatest series but I would like to have it collected and in a nice size format with better quality paper than the original issues.
  2. KiramidHead
    Aw man, I completely missed that they were doing a screenplay comic for Predator. Shame it's not happening. Imagine if it sold well and we got the Rodriguez script in comic form down the line. :laugh:
  3. j0nesy
    i'm not a huge collector (read all of my books/comics digitally) but i still need to get volume 6 of the aliens omnibus to round out my collection; pricing is pretty crazy though, i'm guessing printing for that series was limited?
  4. chopperXgill
    The old Star Wars dark horse comics just got rebranded under marvel and are now released as the Legacy Collection. I'm sure marvel will do the same with the alien & Predator books. I wonder if they'll add some of these canceled books to that rebrand, depending on much of it is done. If the Predator original screen play comic is practicality done why would marvel not release it.
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