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Predator: Hunting Grounds Artists Share Samurai Predator Concept Art and Predator Huntress Renders!

Predator: Hunting Grounds concept artist Ivan Dedov has shared some more of his work on the game, this time July’s new Samurai Predator class!

ivan-dedov-predator-samurai-wrists ivan-dedov-mask-samurai-02-drex ivan-dedov-mask-samurai-01 ivan-dedov-samurai-closeup ivan-dedov-back-predator-samurai ivan-dedov-front-predator-samurai

And character artist Andrzej Marszalek has shared some of the renders he did for Predator: Hunting Grounds female Predators!

andrzej-marszalek-pred-hex-03 andrzej-marszalek-shot-02-hex andrzej-marszalek-shot-03-eyes andrzej-marszalek-shot-04-body andrzej-marszalek-shot-06-hpscout andrzej-marszalek-shot-07-hphunter

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