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Free Elder Predators For Everyone! Predator: Hunting Grounds Gets New Update & Samurai Predator Announced!

What better way to celebrate Predator’s 33rd anniversary than with news of new Predator goodies?! Following the news of the Alpha Predator DLC’s inclusion in the physical figures, Illfonic has just announced a new update for Predator: Hunting Grounds that sees the level-cap raised, and a very wise Greyback as your prize when you hit the new cap!

In addition, we are increasing the level cap to 150. We have heard from quite a few of you that you have hit 100 and we want to make sure there is more for you to do. Also, congrats on hitting 100! To reward players for climbing to these higher levels, we have added chase items that will unlock at milestones throughout the journey to level 150. Platinum Predator armor and mask tints are rewarded for reaching level 100, followed by Fireteam Knives and the Hammerhead assault rifle. Once players reach level 150, they will gain access to the Elder Predator class as well as Golden Predator armor and mask tints. We have also added a special set of Elite Fireteam weapon shaders that unlock once you reach weapon level 10 for each gun.

 Free Elder Predators For Everyone! Predator: Hunting Grounds Gets New Update & Samurai Predator Announced!

In addition to Greyback, Dutch’s Hammerhead and knife from May’s DLC are now available to unlock through play, alongside shaders for many Fireteam and Predator items!

This month’s free update for everyone will give you the ability to earn Dutch’s QR5, “Hammerhead,” rifle and his knife. In addition, there are many tints, skins, and shaders that once found and unlocked in the field lockers will be added to the customization experience. The customizations are the Obsidian Shader for Predator Weapons, Obsidian Tint for Predator Masks, Crimson Tint for Predator Armors, Sage Tint for Predator Armors, Ivy Tint for Default Predator Skin Patterns, Hydra Tint for Raptor Predator Skin Patterns, Blue Viper Shader for Fireteam Weapons, Digital Tint for Fireteam Outfits, Full Suite of Hammerhead Weapon Shaders, and Special Shader’s for Dutch’s Knife.

As always you can find the full patch notes over on Illfonic’s forums. And that’s not all! Illfonic have revealed that June’s DLC will be the Samurai Predator! This new Predator looks to be based on Prime Studio’s Sengoku Predator and will be available from the 30th of June!

Coming later this month is the second paid DLC. We gave you a new Fireteam member last month so it only seemed right that we launch a new Predator. This month we are excited to introduce you to the Samurai Predator. The Samurai Predator comes to the hunting grounds from feudal Japan, this demon from legend once hunted skilled warriors who protected the island nation. You can find more information and purchase the Samurai Predator on June 30 at the PlayStation and Epic stores. We are excited to see the Samurai lurking in the jungle very soon!

 Free Elder Predators For Everyone! Predator: Hunting Grounds Gets New Update & Samurai Predator Announced!

Be sure to check back in Alien vs. Predator Galaxy later today for a new episode of the podcast where we discuss the game. And keep an eye out for a new interview with Illfonic’s Chief Creative Officer Jared Gerritzen later this month!

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