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Alien: The Low Budget Remake – New Alien Fan Film!

Have you ever wondered what Alien would look like if it was remade with a literal shoe-string budget with a cardboard facehugger, people making computer sound effects, and told in 5 minutes? No? Me either! But the good folk at Cardboard Movie Co. have wondered, made it and it turns out it’s glorious!

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  1. Darwinsgirl

         5 Stars!  * * * * *

    That was Fun. I especially enjoyed the sound effects. The face hugger in the egg( brought back memories of Ridley's commentary "the washing up gloves" and the self destruct wine bottles.  :laugh:  they can be self-destructive!
  2. The Cruentus
    I loved this and I love how they used a bunch random stuff to build sets and the creature. Genius. Acting was decent as well, with a good balance between seriousness and intentional ham and silliness.
  3. Drukathi
    Chestburster is impressive. Without jokes. It looks better and horrific than the lasts ADI's chestbursters.

    Also Ash's reaction at 1:11 made me laugh to tears.
    Ripley: The answer is negative.
    Ash: Oh! She said negative..

    Quote from: Kradan on Jun 10, 2020, 06:47:03 PM
    They used bottles for self-destruction mechanism. They used BOTTLES for self-destruction mechanism.

    For a ship or for a liver?
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