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Ivan Dedov & Nesar Alam Ansari Share Predator: Hunting Grounds Concept Art

With Predator: Hunting Grounds now out in the wild, and players getting to grips with the game and Illfonic working on fine-tuning, concept artists Ivan Dedov and Nesar Alam Ansari have shared some of their contributions to Predator’s latest entry into the gaming world!

Dedov appears to have been the artist responsible for creating a lot of the Predator character design work we saw earlier on during the press campaign for Predator: Hunting Grounds. He was also responsible for design work on the Predator gear and weapons!

ivan-dedov-predator-hg-warclub ivan-dedov-predator-hg-motiondetector ivan-dedov-predator-hg-audiodecoy ivan-dedov-predator-hg-handheldplasmacannon ivan-dedov-predator-hg-combistick ivan-dedov-predator-hg-bow ivan-dedov-predator-hg-female-poses-sketches ivan-dedov-predator-hg-female-face-01 ivan-dedov-predator-hg-male-female-face-02 ivan-dedov-predator-hg-female-scout ivan-dedov-predator-hg-female-scout-unmasked ivan-dedov-predator-hg-female-hunter ivan-dedov-predator-hg-female-berserk ivan-dedov-predator-hg-gloves-plasmacannon ivan-dedov-predator-hg-predatorhelmet ivan-dedov-predator-hg-male-scout ivan-dedov-predator-hg-male-hunter-unmasked ivan-dedov-predator-hg-male-hunter ivan-dedov-predator-hg-male-berserk

Nesar Alam Ansari shared artwork of some of the Fireteam weapon skins he worked on for the game.

nesar-alam-ansari-skin-02 nesar-alam-ansari-skin3 nesar-alam-ansari-skin

The first content update for Predator: Hunting Grounds is expected towards the end of the month, so make sure you stick with Alien vs. Predator Galaxy for the latest news on Predator: Hunting Grounds! You can follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTube to get the latest on your social media walls. You can also join in with fellow Alien and Predator fans on our forums!

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  1. bendinglight
    Indoor map would be great for some variety. Would be great to have an indoor map that resembles the slaughterhouse skirmish in Predator 2 (not necessarily an actual slaughterhouse but something indoors would be cool) - something with high ceilings to allow the Predator to have some sort of movement around the FT.
  2. shadowedge
    Agreed Bendinglight. The faces are excellent, true to the Winston designs .

    Whomever is the person on this forum who has the signature of "demand better Predator faces" should be very happy!  :)
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