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Alien Day 2020 Details Are Here!

Following on from the announcement earlier this week that Reebok was releasing a new Colonial Marines themed pair of Bug Stompers for 2020’s Alien Day, we now know what else is in store for us this year.

Compared to recent years it’s much more subdued, with the Bug Stompers being the main attraction. Due to the current global quarantines in place, there’s obviously no screenings as we would usually expect. In addition to their Bug Stompers, Reebok also has two new Alien shirts that will be released on Alien Day.

 Alien Day 2020 Details Are Here!

Aliens vs. Pinball will also be 50% off and Alien: Blackout will be available for free as well! I still consider Blackout underappreciated and if you’re one of those who are still holding out, you can’t argue with a free download! Feral Interactive will also be running a sweepstakes via their social media for a chance to win copies of Dark Horse’s rare Alien: Isolation tie-in comic.

The fan community also has plenty planned. Alien vs. Predator Galaxy will be publishing an interview with Mark Verheiden, the writer of the very first original Alien comics that kicked off the Expanded Universe! The fan-comic Olethros will be publishing its 7th issue and the audio drama Charon will be releasing their 5th episode.

 Alien Day 2020 Details Are Here!

Check back in on Alien Day for our interview with comic legend Mark Verheiden!

Studio Yutani will be holding a giveaway with some pretty swanky prizes, as well as publishing three brand new interviews! I don’t believe Perfect Organism has announced any plans yet, but I would expect they’ll be releasing some content too.

Make sure you stick with Alien vs. Predator Galaxy for the latest Alien and Predator news! You can follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTube to get the latest on your social media walls. You can also join in with fellow Alien and Predator fans on our forums!

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  1. StrangeShape
    Well, for the Alien day Ill be rewatching Alien for the first time in over 3 years (Covenant repelled me from the mythology for those years like Resurrection did in 97 for around the same time too). Im genuinely excited and been gearing up for some time to do it at the right time
  2. Corporal Hicks

  3. HicksIsAlive
    Hi all

    LONG time lurker here who finally decided to sign up!

    I could have sworn that someone in this thread posted about the current offer on the Alien/Predator Collection at Eaglemoss but I looked back to thank whoever posted it and I can't find it so maybe I saw it elsewhere.

    Anyway, Eaglemoss have 30% off most of their Alien/Predator Collection or Buy 1 Get 1 Free in UK/Europe-

    Super 7 are also doing a "Buy 4 Alien items, get 26% off"-

    Still have my fingers crossed for a new Audible audio drama but Dirk Maggs seems to have been working on Sandman lately instead.
  4. Corporal Hicks

    Eaglemoss sale:
  5. Perfect-Organism
    I guess the question is, are these audio books actually successful?  If so, presumably there would be more.

    Also, presumably Titan is aware of how popular Cold Forge is.  So one would hope that would be the next book go get the audio treatment.

    I've always been of the mind that authors and artists should take their time and put out a better finished product.  Cold Forge is a longer book so it would stand to reason that it takes more time to produce the audio version.  My two cents.
  6. Corporal Hicks
    Quote from: Perfect-Organism on Apr 17, 2020, 08:47:21 PM
    Cool!  Really looking forward to the interview with Mark Verheiden.  Wish there was an opportunity to as Mark some questions.

    Thanks! Looking forward to posting it. We did have a thread in the Lit board and a post on the Facebook group beforehand for submitted questions though.

    Quote from: TheSailingRabbit on Apr 17, 2020, 11:48:07 PM
    Hey, Hicks, any writing/fanart contests available for Alien Day?

    Not that I'm aware of. We're not running any competition this year I'm afraid.

    Quote from: Kradan on Apr 18, 2020, 01:10:42 PM
    So, no audio drama then ?

    I don't believe last year's actually came out on Alien Day, so we might still be getting one, just later.

    Quote from: Nightmare Asylum on Apr 18, 2020, 05:51:30 PM
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Apr 17, 2020, 06:32:07 PM
    and some release dates for the other books out this year.

    Would love to get some more info on the Alien: 40 Years 40 Artists book; I feel like I've had that thing pre-ordered for ages. :D

    August 11th according to the email.
    A Mark Verheiden podcast?

    Oh the best counter news to hearing the lockdown is extended for another 3 weeks.

    Verheiden most notable for writing scripts for (but not drawing) the full-length Dark Horse comics
    Book One (Hicks and Newt after ALIENS, outbreak on earth, evacuation of infected planet earth )
    Book Two (Hicks and Newt after ALIENS, military sortie, human experimentation, escaping dictator general trying to retake earth with a "controlled" Xenomorph army)
    ALIENS EARTH WAR (Ripley rejoins Hicks and Newt after prior outings, ambitious but abrupt premature conclusion to retaking earth)

    To us OG's of ALIENS early releases these were the story ideas that should've, logically, came after aliens in movie form but which we didn't get. Despite David Giller pondering but rejecting spiritually similar movie ideas in tone and scale due to budget and the then technical limitations of special effects.

    I'm hoping to hear Mark Verheiden thoughts on the substitutes- ALIEN 3, Resurrection and AVP 2004.

    Where did we buy our Mark Verheiden comics? For me I was torn between a independent book/comic store and the retail chain ATHENA.
  8. Darkness
    Free on Android? I think I had it for my ipad but I never did finish it. I might revisit it on my Galaxy Tab.

    I kinda feel under the circumstances, they should have just skipped Alien Day altogether.
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