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Updated: New Predator: Hunting Grounds Screenshots via ES and EU PlayStation Blogs!

Over on the Spanish PlayStation Blog, in their article promoting this weekend’s trial, we’ve been treated to some new screenshots from Predator: Hunting Grounds. You can check them out below!

Female Solider Female Solider
Predator Gameplay Predator Gameplay
Predator Predator
Cloaked Predator Cloaked Predator
Thermal Vision Thermal Vision

The European Blog also has an additional two new screenshots. Thanks to molasar for the tip!

Targeted Targeted

Don’t forget to download the trial and get in your fill of Predator: Hunting Grounds ahead of it’s April release!

I am so excited to announce we will be running a trial weekend for Predator: Hunting Grounds, starting on March 27, and running through March 29. The Trial will be open to PS4 players with a PlayStation Plus membership and PC players as well via Cross-play support. Just hop to PlayStation Store, download the Trial, and start hunting! The Trial will be available to download on March 27 in Japan at 3pm JST, in Europe at 4pm GMT, and in North America at 5pm PST.

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Comments: 5
  1. Voodoo Magic
    Hot damn molasar!  Nice find!  So much awesomeness to behold!

    The Predator feasting on a Boar!!
    The Mini gun tearing up the leaves and branches of the trees!
    Are those Predator mines??
    The Female Predator in the second half!
    Hot damn the Smart Disc is the best!!! Eat it Paul W.S. Anderson!

    It also seems you can escape from the Netgun on your own. And how freaking cool was that where the stationary cloaked Predator was so close to the team but still not detected!

    It all looks so damn fun!
  2. acrediblesource
    One detail I noticed and was pretty cool is that your SHoulder Cannon shakes the camera the longer you take to fire. Plus there seems to be a  moving in zoom when you do activate it to aim which brings the action closer into view. Also very cool touch.

    I'm still not down with the Disc throwing and camera that follows....when it strikes someone they should have at least  backed out with the camera and show a slow motion death effect.
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