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Alien: Isolation Switch Release Announced for 5th December!

Feral Interactive’s Switch port of Alien: Isolation has now been announced for the 5th of December with a brand-new announcement trailer!

Alien: Isolation is now available to pre-order from the Nintendo Store for $34.99! The Switch edition of Alien: Isolation will come with all the downloadable content bundled together for the single price. This new port of Isolation will also make use of the Switch’s gyroscopic aiming and HD rumble, bringing a unique twist to the game.

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    The fact that they get ALL the DLC in one price if awesome, I hope they make loads of money

    Yeah, I really like that too.

    Real shame there's no physical copy, but looking good either way. Loving all the new trailers!

    I feel the same. I'd always rather have the box on the shelf.

    For a brief moment reading the headline, I thought AI 2 was being announced. Very almost needed new trousers

    If only, Grim, if only. But I'm perfectly happy with this news too. I'm really eager to give this a go on the Switch.
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