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Aliens Goes Medieval In Alien: Phalanx Synopsis!

With Keith R.A. DeCandido’s adaptation of Alien: Isolation now on the bookstore shelves, and Tim Waggoner’s Alien: Prototype due out at the end of October, our eyes turn to next year’s recently announced Alien: Phalanx.

Author Scott Sigler announced the book via Twitter but we didn’t know anything about what the new novel would involve. A recent update to the product page on Amazon has changed this and now we have our first synopsis of Alien: Phalanx!

It’s Medieval carnage meets Alien as a pre-industrial society fights against extinction brought about by a massive infestation of Xenomorphs.

Ataegina was an isolated world of medieval castles, varied cultures, and conquests, vibrant until the demons rose and spread relentless destruction. Swarms of lethal creatures with black husks, murderous claws, barbed tails and dreaded “tooth-tongues” raged through the lowlands, killing ninety percent of the planet’s population. Terrified survivors fled to hidden mountain keeps where they eke out a meager existence. When a trio of young warriors discovers a new weapon, they see a chance to end this curse. To save humanity, the trio must fight their way to the tunnels of Black Smoke Mountain–the lair of the mythical Demon Mother.

While certainly a first for Alien novels, the Expanded Universe has taken the Aliens in the past with Aliens: Stalker, a one-shot comic written and illustrated by David Wenzel that pitted Vikings against an Alien!

 Aliens Goes Medieval In Alien: Phalanx Synopsis!

David Wenzel’s cover art for Aliens: Stalker.

Though it seems Phalanx isn’t going back in Earth’s history, but rather a colony world that seems to have adopted the old ways (echos of Vincent Ward’s Alien 3) or as a result of a disaster (similar to Prince of Thorns). Alien: Phalanx is currently available for pre-order on Amazon (only US, not UK so far) with a release date of February 25th, 2020.

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  1. 426Buddy
    For the love of Giger someone with twitter please tell Titan to contact Dorman, Beauvais, Swanland, Tristan Jones, or Plunkett.

    Or anyone who can do cover art at this point.

    Anyway I can't wait to add this to my collection!
  2. Perfect-Organism
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Feb 09, 2020, 09:25:20 PM
    Quote from: Perfect-Organism on Feb 09, 2020, 08:37:16 PM
    That is one horrible-ass cover!

    The physical copy somehow seems less hideous. It's more muted.

    I literally just finished reading it. Loved it! Easily recommended, especially if you appreciate something a little different with your Aliens. Full review up next week.

    I'm happy to hear it's a good read.  I only wish Titan well with these books, but how can they do well when the covers are so trite?  I think that's 3 or 4 books now with a side head shot of an Alien head in green on black.  The books look too similar.  I just don't understand why some terrific artists are not given a chance to do something better.
  3. HuDaFuK
    Quote from: 426Buddy on Feb 08, 2020, 04:37:27 PMIm still missing issue #22, never seems to pop up anywhere. I dont have any of the Vol.1 issues either.

    To be honest, Volume 1's mostly unnecessary except the final issue (#17) done by Dark Horse. The Trident issues are just pure comic reprints with no worthwhile extra goodies. I only have them because the one copy of #17 I could find for sale was in a bundle of the complete of Volume 1 :laugh:

    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Feb 08, 2020, 09:47:42 AMI'm not sure it's going to be for everyone though, because it is very heavy on the fantasy/medieval/shields and swords side (duh) so depends on your taste.

    Yeah, I'm wondering how I'll feel about that because it's not really my thing, but it's not like I was gonna miss out on the new book :P
  4. TheBATMAN
    Without spoilering, is this some kind of Alien 3 Ward scenario where they have renounced all technology? Is Weyland-Yutani even in this? Just interested as Sigler says it is intented to be canonical.
  5. Corporal Hicks
    Got my copy on Thursday night, spent a good chunk of Friday reading. Am about 330 pages in and I'm really enjoying it! I'm not sure it's going to be for everyone though, because it is very heavy on the fantasy/medieval/shields and swords side (duh) so depends on your taste. I'm really like the fresh approach.
  6. The Cruentus
    23 days to go.

    I might try reading Crusade again, even if it is unfinished. I kind want to go back and see what a medieval society handles Aliens. I only read Crusade once so my memory is spotty on the events but I recall a deranged priest who sacrificed people to the Aliens.
  7. Corporal Hicks
    We've got 2 video game prequels, one for Alien and one for Predator. I think that's all that's been announced so far. With Phalanx coming out soon, I imagine we'll be seeing a new title in there if there is one coming.
  8. SM
    The ninja in Music of the Spears killed Aliens with swords.  Pretty sure the swords then melted and most of the ninja died.

    That said, Sigler's done a lot of research for this.
  9. The Cruentus
    Already pre-ordered it, just got to wait now. I'm curious to see how well a pre-industrial society would do against the Aliens. Anyone with a sword is going to seriously have the odds against them.
  10. The Cruentus
    I'm curious to see all about the medieval planet and how it is like that, assuming they are human of course.

    Reminds me of two comics actually, one was about vikings I believe and the other I think was crusader...? It was never finished and even though it had future folks in it, I think the settlement was primitive, I might be wrong as I had only read it once and saw no reason to read it again since it was never going to be finished.
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