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Best Alien-Themed Slot Games For 2019

 Best Alien-Themed Slot Games For 2019

The majority of AVP fans are unlikely to be aware of the fact that there is an Alien vs Predator slot machine that can be found in some locations on the Las Vegas Strip. It tied in with many of the themes and had some scenes from the movie, but, unfortunately, it is not available online, i.e. where most of us do our gaming.

There are, however, plenty of cool alien-themed slots found online. Like anything created in the movie business (think of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes), some are poorly made and not worth your time. However, some alien casino games are absolute gems. We count down the best we could find at online casinos today:

Astro Babes

Astro Babes slot probably won’t win any awards for its theme. After all, a game featuring five ‘babes’ isn’t very 2019. However, if you can get past the idea of a game based on scantily clad women, Astro Babes is lots of run and has some brilliant features. You can play it at Mansion Casino alongside other alien games on this list, but Astro Babes tops our list thanks to the innovative features and big prizes on offer. It doesn’t tend to treat it subject matter too seriously either, which is refreshing.

 Best Alien-Themed Slot Games For 2019

The X-Files

With the exception of Star Trek, it’s difficult for sci-fi fans to name a more iconic television series than the X-Files. How does the X-Files slot compare? Well, it’s an officially licensed product, so you’ll see plenty of imagery from the television series. As for the gameplay, the calling card of the game is a unique feature with ‘rift’ symbols spinning beneath the main reels. These can add multipliers to your wins. The game has an eerie but atmospheric soundtrack too.

Cowboys and Aliens

The Cowboys and Aliens movie directed by Jon Favreau took a bit of beating from the critics, but the graphic novel has some staunch fans. Thankfully, this casino game is based on the latter and not the movie, and you will see that the graphics are faithful to the artwork done by Denis Calero. There are loads of cool bonus games, including the brilliant Alien Attack Bonus, that can be triggered at any moment, and five wild symbols on a payline will pay 10,000 x your line bet. An underrated online slot.

Mayan Gods

At first glance, Mayan Gods looks like a fairly standard slot game. The artwork is nice, but it’s nothing compared to the stunning graphics you will get with modern slot games. However, after playing for a while you will notice that the game is stuffed full of great special features that can really throw out some big wins. At the top of the list is the Mayan UFO feature, which sees a spaceship swoop in to destroy the low-paying symbols and replace them with high-paying ones.

Stars Awakening

There are a lot of branded casino games around (as you can tell by this list), and that often means non-branded games are often overlooked. Stars Awakening is an alien-themed slot in the purest sense, with fun alien characters created specifically for the game. The graphics are top drawer, and there is plenty in the way of special features. The most exciting parts are the Giant Spin Feature and the Supernova Scatters feature, both of which can lead to massive payouts.

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