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NECA Announces Ultimate Lasershot Predator Figure!

Continuing with their amazing redesigns of Kenner’s Alien and Predator figures from the 90s, NECA has just officially unveiled their latest addition to their Predator line: the Ultimate Lasershot Predator!

Taking inspiration from the 1990s designs, our team has created a modern tribute with extra detail and articulation to bring this Predator into the new millennium. The original figure has electronic elements and this one does too—a LED targeting eye to home in on his prey. Lasershot Clan Leader stands 8.5″ tall, has over 30 points of articulation and comes with removable mask, detachable wrist shield, flexible grappling hook that attaches to his assault cannon, and a swappable clawed left hand with articulation.

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The Ultimate Lasershot Predator is expected to ship September 2019. The Emissary and Assassin figures from The Predator are currently shipping at the minute so keep an eye out for those!

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  1. SuperiorIronman
    For me I've found that I have the opposite problem since Neca is pretty much the only game in town. Hiya toys is so cheap I could pick up much of that in bulk if I really wanted to. But for Hot Toys, the price didn't get better as I started making money. That Samurai Predator is absolutely gorgeous and I want one, but for 1000 dollars+, no thanks. I shudder when Neca discontinues a figure cause while it isn't Hot Toy's bad, it's still hard to justify dropping 80+ dollars on the AVP elder.
  2. Predwars24
    Personally I'm not too into 7 inch scale to begin with, and I just kind of moved on from NECA to be honest. I still buy from time to time and this may be one of the only ones, that and the hopefully coming soon Predalien, and I think they said the Berserker Ultimate is next year for the ten year anniversary or something. There's a few here and there but I'm a bit picky these days honestly.
  3. Voodoo Magic
    I don't really buy NECA anymore but this is one that I would definitely want.

    Any particular reason, or just moved on from it?
    I find the quality isnt that great and the price is getting to high. I can only find neca at comic book stores and there $30 to $40. Walmart doesnt sell Nevada and I dont think toysrus has restocked since the pink alien.

    You still have a ToysRus? Wow, I thought they all closed. Luckily in my area we have a Target that sells everything. I just saw four of the Armored Assassin Predators last night.
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