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Alien: Outland – Fan Produced Video Diary Series!

The crew over at the Perfect Organism Podcast are putting out a brand spanking new video diary production called Alien: Outland. The first two episodes were released on Alien Day and available to view on YouTube!

Josephine and James Denton are scientists that have been dispatched to the planet Elias to research a cure for Roanoke, a virus that’s been spreading to Weyland Yutani colonists. Jo Denton is tasked with reporting on their progress as requested by the company.

Be sure to check out both episodes and subscribe to their channel so you don’t miss out on the next episodes!

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  1. Corporal Hicks

    I've just caught up on the last two episodes. It's a funny feeling as it seems a little slow going but with them only being 2 odd minutes in length, not much time has really passed before it's started to kick in.

    I do love the concept of the video diary. It's something I've thought about in the past and wanted to do but I'd always envisioned trying to incorporate some other kind of found footage elements like security cameras but I'm glad to see them playing with it here.

    Am looking forward to just giving a complete watch through when finished.

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