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Prodos Announces Last Expansions as AvP The Hunt Begins Is Discontinued

I’m devastated to be reporting that Prodos Games has announced that as of the 30th of April their Alien vs. Predator miniatures are being discontinued, and they are no longer able to sell any more miniatures.

Before the last facehugger has jumped and the last plasma caster is fired, Prodos are releasing two final expansions: Machiko Noguchi (in two editions!) and the Alien Egg Cluster!

Machiko Noguchi is one of the most recognizable characters from AvP universe. We have introduced her in wargaming expansion of AvP, but she has never received proper ruleset until “Hot Landing Zone” was released. Now the actual miniature is designed and ready to play!

Serving the hive’s need to grow, Queens lay eggs in well-guarded rooms within the hive. The eggs, sensing potential hosts hatch and Facehuggers start amassing to perform their sole function. These Egg Clusters are always a high priority target for the USCM.

 Prodos Announces Last Expansions as AvP The Hunt Begins Is Discontinued

In addition to the two new units, Prodos is also offering a “Collector’s Pick” Bundle Vol.2 that includes most of the recently promotional miniatures. A buddle of earlier promo’s is also available on their webstore.

Prodos are currently offering running a clearance sale on their Alien vs. Predator miniatures with 40% off discounts so if you’re missing out on any expansions, now is the time to pick them up! Machiko and the Egg Cluster are expected to ship on the 12th of April.

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  1. Kailem
    Options for the lazy you say? Excellent! ;D

    I take it by "Marine hero" you're referring to the Officer, cancerblack? I can't see anything listed on their site by that name. Also, has it been specified what, or how much, you need to buy in order to get the Dutch and Linn Kurosawa figures?
  2. SiL
    They're for people like me who are too lazy to put things together. The original Hounds look much better than the unicast, but I prefer the unicast Aliens over the multi parts for most of them.
  3. Kailem
    Thanks, I'll definitely make a note of all of those!

    Also, is there a reason there seem to be two different versions of some figures, like the Hellhounds? Is it simply a visual difference, or is it always best to go for those "UniCast" versions wherever possibly? Are they upgraded versions put out later to replace the originals, or just the same figures with a different look to add a bit more variety for people who might buy a whole bunch of them?
  4. [cancerblack]
    Yes, it's worth getting.

    HLZ expansion is worth getting too.

    For extra models, look into:

    Facehuggers, Predalien, Warriors and if you want it to be really cinematic, a Queen, for Aliens.

    Elders, Elites, Hounds for Predators.

    Marine hero, Sentry Guns, Power Loader for humans.
  5. Kailem
    So as someone who never actually got round to buying this but started thinking maybe he should once it became known that Prodos weren't going to be able to keep it in print any more, is it worth potentially making my wallet cry tomorrow by getting in on this sale? I take it that overall people are happy with it and would recommend someone who likes board games and AVP picking it up? I figure some stuff will still be available on Amazon for a while, but if I can get it cheaper tomorrow, as well as potentially getting more figures along with it, then that seems like the better option.

    And if so, what sort of stuff would you recommend I prioritise picking up along with the base game? I've seen some people saying that getting some facehuggers and a Predalien would be a good bet. And am I right in saying that the Hot Landing Zone expansion is the only big, non figures-only expansion they did? Is that worth a look too?
  6. [cancerblack]
    One small issue out of the whole lot, I'm actually pretty impressed.

    Sussing out my THB final headcount. It's ~1000pts per species. And 2000pts per for Unleashed. All of which leaves me with a reasonable supply of extras for future projects.
  7. [cancerblack]
    Big box arrived.




  8. [cancerblack]
    Already arrived in NZ!

    Except, it's the first day of the Queens Birthday long weekend and it's being held by customs for duty charges, which they won't even get in touch with me about til Tuesday, and will probably charge me extra for the honour of holding it over the weekend.
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