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‘Memory: The Origins of Alien’ Review Roundup

The Sundance Film Festival is well under way in Utah, United States and as previously reported last year ‘Memory: The Origins of Alien’ documentary has made its premiere this week. Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, this 93 minute documentary explores the origin of Ridley Scott’s Alien film from early conception to production. While not your run-of-the-mill featurette, it sounds like filmmaker Philippe took a more philosophical approach to Alien with references to Greek mythology and the creation of the Pyramids.

‘Memory: The Origins of Alien’ features swiss surrealist H.R. Giger and writer Dan O’Bannon’s work heavily with an interview with O’Bannon’s wife about his life and influences. We learn about O’Bannon’s original 29 page script from 1971, titled Memory. There are new interviews with the Alien cast including Tom Skerritt and Veronic Cartwright, though Sigourney Weaver is very much absent. Ripley is barely mentioned during the documentary, reportedly.

Director Ridley Scott didn’t take part either while H.R. Giger, Dan ’Bannon, John Hurt obviously only appear in archive footage. The documentary dives deeper into the iconic Chestburster sequence with new behind-the-scenes footage about how it was created in great detail. There is a very brief section at the end which looks to the future of the Alien series and what perhaps went wrong with Prometheus and Alien Covenant.

 'Memory: The Origins of Alien' Review Roundup

Cover picture from Dan O’Bannon’s early 1971 script Memory.



The documentary most likely won’t go beyond what we already know in the DVD/Blu-Ray features but there might be some new nuggets of information in there for us diehard fans. There’s no word on whether or not ‘Memory: The Origins of Alien’ will get a wider release at some point.

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  1. BishopShouldGo
    An amazing interview. I did not know the chestburster scene originally happened much later in the story! Very interesting. And that picture of Dan is too awesome. He truly was an amazing writer and a genius. Can't wait to watch this documentary. Between this and "The Making of ALIEN" and Alien: Blackout and I'm sure much more, 2019 is an awesome year for Alien. ;D
  2. The Eighth Passenger
    Imdb once had Morse listed as a character for Covenant if I recall correctly. That place needs to be erased.  :D

    We had Hudafuk on the cast list for a little while as well, back when Covenant was still known as Prometheus II. He was going to play Janek's white twin brother, Jenak.  :laugh:

    On Wikipedia some wag (wasn't me honest!) had Corporal Hicks (to be played by Aaron Percival) on Covenant's cast while it was still in early development.  ;D
  3. The Eighth Passenger
    ‘Memory: The Origins of Alien’ Director on Ridley Scott’s Lack of Involvement in the Documentary
    What makes me very happy is that a couple of executives from Scott Free came to the premiere, loved the film and apparently Ridley requested to see it so we sent him the link just yesterday,” Philippe said. “I’m very excited about sharing the film with him and I really hope that he will like it.”

    I read somewhere that Memory takes a few jabs at Prometheus and Covenant. RidgeTop can you confirm? Riddles would probably not be amused.  :laugh:

    At this point it is worth to be mentioned that the "untitled Neil Blomkamp Alien movie project" has officially been vanished from IMDB.

    "So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye"  ;D

    You lot are reading too much into this. Alien: Covenant II has also "officially been vanished from IMDB". As well as a shyte-tonne of other projects that were either shelved, stalled or in development hell. If Fox/Disney still want's to make a Blomkamp Alien film or a sequel to Covenant then they'll make it irrespective of whether there is a page for it on IMDb or not. It wasn't Fox who created those pages in the first place anyway.
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