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Jared Krichevsky Shares Predator/Human Hybrid Concept Art

Jared Krichevsky, one of the artists who worked on The Predator, has been sharing some of the work he did on the film. We’ve seen his Predapede, his Predator-Spiders and now he’s shared a new piece of artwork of a Predator/Human hybrid!

Unfortunately Jared doesn’t go into much detail behind the design itself but in the April 17, 2016 draft of The Predator, the script very specific in pointing out that the Upgrade Predator had human eyes, something that is quite prominent in the above design.

Another of The Predator’s concept artists, Kyle Brown, also recently shared some concept artwork of another Predator hybrid. However, unlike Jared’s new artwork, Kyle’s hybrid was a failed mutation and seemingly not related to mankind.

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