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The Predator Takes on Santa in Upcoming Christmas Themed Holiday Special!

There are just some things that go so incredibly well together. Cheese and toast. Bacon and egg. Predator and Christmas…Okay, maybe not such a natural fit but I love seeing the various Christmas themed Alien and Predator artwork that inevitably shows up this time of year.

20th Century Fox has decided to play a bit of one-upping and to advertise the upcoming American home release of The Predator on December 18th, Santa Clause and his reindeer are going up against the Predator! Fox was kind enough to send us over a first-look at the upcoming festival short!

A first look at the stop-motion animated Holiday Special featuring THE PREDATOR as he tangles with his most formidable foe yet – Santa and his reindeer. Check out the official trailer below and catch the entire special December 19 on Comedy Central during Bo-Jack Horseman at 10:30 PM / 9:30 CT.

The Predator Blu-ray is due to hit shelves on the 18th of December in the States. Those of us in the United Kingdom will have to wait around a month later as it wont be out in the UK until the 28th of January.

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