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Kyle Brown Shares New Predator Killer Concept Art!

Back in October Will Kossman shared some artwork he did for explorations of the controversial Predator Killer suit that served as The Predator’s epilogue. Thanks to Kyle Brown, we’ve got a look at more exploration and conceptual artwork for the Predator Killer!

I was fortunate enough to work on Shane Black’s The Predator early on in production and once again in post. These were just a couple of rounds of sketches done for the Predator Killer suit seen in the film briefly. Huge props to the artists at ADI for their beautiful work on the film!

Predator Killer (Kyle Brown) Predator Killer
Predator Killer (Kyle Brown) Predator Killer
Predator Killer (Kyle Brown) Predator Killer
Predator Killer (Kyle Brown) Predator Killer
Predator Killer (Kyle Brown) Predator Killer
Predator Killer (Kyle Brown) Predator Killer
Predator Killer (Kyle Brown) Predator Killer
Predator Killer (Kyle Brown) Predator Killer

Matt Sloan, the visual effects supervisor for The Predator, previously spoke to Art of VFX about his work on the film and revealed that the Predator Killer concept came really late in the production that they only had two weeks to work on!

The final scene was another reshoot, very, very late in the schedule. We had two weeks to get the suit designed. We enlisted the Aaron Sims company and also the Hydraulx Art Dept. The final design was elements from both companies approved by Shane and the studio, then Hydraulx took over the design and began the build. By the time we had the re-shoots, we were less than two weeks out from delivery, so getting the design finale and the build underway was critical.

As the other vendors were going so hard on the other sequences we approached Hydraulx to complete the final sequence. Under the supervision of Colin Strause they managed to pull out the 17 shots needed for that sequence in under 2 weeks. I think it was 9 days from plate turnover to final delivery. It was pretty amazing work. We knew we would have 1 if any, iterations, so it was bit of a hail mary. But Hydraulx managed to pull it off and both the director and studio were very happy with the work.

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Comments: 9
  1. locusta
    A few of the concepts are way better than the garbage what was in the movie. Of course, they are from the Aaron Sims Company.

    Ah wait, the Straussie Brothers took over and did that screen used thingy? LOL
  2. Enjoy
    A human inside of that is a joke. I would have taken a funny predator movie over a joke of a predator movie.
    Sick burn.waited four years for this dumpster fire of a movie that happens to be A dumpster that was full of marijuana.. Meaning i like the movie but am fully aware it is a f**king mess.
  3. Still Collating...
    Some of these designs aren't bad IMO. Most of them are a lot better than what we got in the end. As previously mentioned, I wouldn't mind if this was armor for a military type of predator, a heavy duty one. Some of them do stray into Kenner territory though... And I don't know how to feel about that. But a human suit? Doesn't work for me, sorry. The concept was bad from the start.
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