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Rebellion’s Alien vs. Predator 2010 Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One!

Not only has Aliens vs. Predator 2 received a recent update, now Rebellion’s Aliens vs. Predator (2010) is being given a jolt as a new update from Microsoft means that the game is now backwards compatible on Xbox One!

We’ve been waiting for this since the start of October when the first signs of possibility appeared and today’s update has made it a reality! In order to play, simply pop your existing Xbox 360 disc in the tray or purchase a digital copy of the game via the Xbox Marketplace!

 Rebellion's Alien vs. Predator 2010 Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One!

There’s still some earlier Alien and Predator games on the original Xbox and the 360 that are not currently backwards compatible. Would you like to see Aliens: Colonial Marines, AvP Extinction or Predator: Concrete Jungle on the Xbox One?

Thanks to Trevor Evans and Jason Hynek for letting us know the moment was finally here. Follow Alien vs. Predator Galaxy for the latest Alien and Predator gaming news! You can find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get the latest on your social media walls. You can also join in with fellow Alien and Predator fans on our forums!

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  1. Local Trouble
    Microsoft would be wise to make a low-cost version of their next console without a Blu-ray or internal hard drive.  Those things just make them more expensive to manufacture and are ultimately unnecessary for a lot of users.
  2. Hudson
    Unfortunately, since my hard copy of AvP on 360 was given away or sold at some point, I had to buy this again on the Xbox store for $20. However, it seems to be astronomically expensive on Amazon if you want to get it new, so $20 isn't all bad.

    This game has actually aged pretty well if you just want to run through it. I played the three campaigns on hard in about a day's worth of time; I felt they were pretty easy actually, so I must have improved at FPS games in the time this was released, because I remember feeling more challenged on the normal setting when it was released. The Predator campaign had a couple moments where I got stuck on hand-to-hand combat with the Xenos, but it was all doable after a few tries. It's all really about timing. The human campaign is easily the best and most atmospheric, except for the 2nd half of the final level which really takes you out of the game in favor of a grueling lead up to an underwhelmingly designed boss fight.

    The Xenomorph AI in the human campaign is what continues to impress me about this game. Very cunning enemies; they make the ACM Xenomorphs look like a joke, and that game was released later.

    The Predator and Alien campaign are fun, but the human AI is still notably awful. Distracting the humans w/ Predator's voice mimicking is hilariously unrealistic. Their verbal responses to these are lazy and cut out all the tension of the moment. The AI also don't respond realistically to finding their dead friends. I'm also still bitter that the headbite isn't one of the primary attacks playing as the Alien. It ends up being a stealth type kill instead of something activated when the human heads are in the center of the screen. There also isn't a satisfying crunch sound when executed, but that might be nitpicking. 

    Overall this is still fun and worth playing, and maybe it has aged well because of how bad ACM is. This still doesn't improve upon AvP (1999) or AvP 2, but it's a worthy entry if you ask me, if only for the human campaign. I even played some multiplayer, and that was a good time as well. Even had a game with 7 people in it at one point.

    I very much hope this ushers in backwards compatibility for:
    - Aliens: Colonial Marines
    - AvP: Excinction
    - Predator: Concrete Jungle

    I will feel stupid doing it, but I will purchase all of these games again if they'll run on Xbox One. The lovely thing about backwards compatibility is the more powerful machine slashes the load times for these games, making them much more time efficient to play as an adult, as opposed to the past when I was a kid without real responsibilities and could sit around all day watching load screens.
  3. The Cruentus
    Bots can make the match feel full and at least there something to kill and be killed by.  I remember playing Timesplitters a lot with bots before I got internet connection, as well as the original battlefronts.
  4. The Cruentus
    Quote from: Local Trouble on Dec 06, 2018, 05:10:38 PM
    Quote from: The Cruentus on Dec 06, 2018, 12:59:45 PM
    Played it yesterday, matchmaking is still rubbish but there was a few players, the most was eight.

    Is that better than it was before the backwards compatibility?

    Not sure for certain as it has been awhile since I played it on 360. I have only played once so far and there really wasn't a significant amout of players, it is possible that it being on Xone now has caused some folks to come back on it, but the matchmaking problem will soon kill that.
  5. Jimbob30
    Love this game needed it honest as this gen only had isolation at the mo last gen had 3 alien games.anyway just wandering if anyone has created an alien warrior mod for isolation or even a protomorph mod love the drone but would be cool to see Cameron's warrior xeno as well even covenants protomorph alien.just thought some modder would have done it by now
  6. The Cruentus
    Played it yesterday, matchmaking is still rubbish but there was a few players, the most was eight. I didn't have much fun though because I was lagging a lot, which I am guessing has to be from one of those bad sports in the match because my internet is fast, that or the servers are just that bad now.
    I see him on Xbox  requesting teammates.  Any particular reason why you dislike him?

    "AMITY_PREDATOR Posted less than a minute ago I see him[ACIDGLOW] on Xbox  requesting teammates.  Any particular reason why you dislike him?
  8. Huggs
    I need to re-install this on my PS3 and give it another play-through. To this date, the only game I've never uninstalled is Isolation. But, the human campaign of AVP3 holds a special place in my heart. Looked good, played good, and was actually scary.

    Like I always say, "if only Rebellion had handled A:CM".
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