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Alien: Isolation Virtual Reality Mod MotherVR Releases Beta 0.8.0 Update!

For the last year and a half virtual reality developer Nibre has been working on MotherVR, a mod to bring virtual reality to Alien: Isolation. Back in August 2017 our own RidgeTop dared to sit down and give an early build of MotherVR a go. If you haven’t already, you can check out what RidgeTop thought of the experience here!

Earlier this month Nibre released Beta 0.8.0 of MotherVR which amongst other updates, brought VR controller support to the mod!

  • VR Controller Input – You can now play the game using just the Oculus Touch or Vive Controllers! The UI even updates to reflect the VR input mappings, allowing you to switch between whichever input device you want on the fly. For actions that aren’t commonly shown on screen, you can see what they’re mapped to for your platform at Options ->MotherVR->Input->View Controls. Because of the lack of distinct tactile buttons on the Vive, for the Flashlight I’ve instead added a gesture that can action it–just hold your right hand near your head, and press Interact. It’s pretty immersive, because you feel like your physically handling the Flashlight strapped on your head. This works on all platforms, but is required for the Vive (along with any other ‘Y’ mapped actions).
  • Mirror View – You can now see what’s happening in VR through the game window. I’ve added a few settings for it, though there’s still room for improvement regarding the quality.
  • In-game Settings – No more command-line arguments! Now there are a bunch of settings that you can change without leaving the game. Here they are so far;
	VR Runtime
		Use Oculus
		Use SteamVR
		Disable VR
		Mirror View [Both Eyes, Right Eye, Left Eye]
		Mirror View Symmetry
		Pixel Scale [0.5-4.0]
		Clip Blinding
		View Controls
		Snap Rotation
		Snap Rotation Segments
		Toggle Aim/Motion Sensor
	Dev. Debug Options
	Skip Startup Intro
  • For Oculus – New automatic audio-device routing (no need to manually switch anymore), and the ability to close the game through the Oculus overlay.
  • For SteamVR – Startup videos and loading screens now display in VR.
  • And a whole bunch of other random fixes and improvements that I’ve forgot to include here.

Shevvie, one of our frequent community guest hosts on the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast tried this latest build of MotherVR and we’ve uploaded the results to YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to head on over to Twitter to follow Nibre to keep track of his progress with MotherVR!

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Comments: 15
  1. Stitch
    I have PSVR and enough kit to connect it to PC and use with SteamVR. MotherVR is pretty damn good. Apparently it's been updated to use motion controls, but AI is designed to be used with a pad, and that's how Creative Assembly's VR mode worked, so that's what I'd recommend.

    Just as a comment on what Griffith said, Yes, VR conversions of normal FPS games can feel a bit weird, but A:I had a VR mode built in, so it's more comfortable than just loading up Quake in VR (though I have that on mobile phone VR, and it's awesome).
  2. Vertigo
    I used to get motion sickness from Half-Life 2 when it came out (as did a lot of people). It was largely resolved by increasing the FOV, resolution and frame rate. My understanding is that the higher-resolution Vive Pro is a bit easier on motion sickness; I wonder if this will continue to improve as the aforementioned aspects are worked on.
  3. Griffith
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Nov 23, 2018, 08:28:59 AM
    I keep being more and more tempted to get a rig.

    Before you do it, try your best into getting it to use it first. I have used my Oculus Rift for more than 2 years and I'm still unable to use first person game mods. The motion sickness is horrible, no more than 2 minutes and you will feel bad with a terrible headache. VR sounds like fun but it's not for everyone.

    Pardon me if I'm off topic but this game even if it's pasive it's still troublesome for some people. Why? Your brain can't adapt to the fact that you are moving virtually when you are standing still or seated, that translates to motion sickness, when you do abrut or quick turns things go from bad to worse. The only way the industry have managed to let everyone enjoy VR is by making games where you don't move and when you want to, you "teleport" from one side to another, that way you don't get nausea.

    On VR by looking around you will find the experience enjoyable because in that case it IS your head moving and your brain saying, yeah this is ok. but the moment you move... game over.

    One last thing, you can move without feeling bad but veeeery slowly, VR works great with Flight sims, because you are confined to a cockpit and your surrounding moves very slow.

    A year ago I tried the alien isolation VR mod. I swear it.. I tried very hard and I failed.. no more than 10 min gameplay without feeling bad (motion sickness).
  4. Vertigo
    PlayStation has their own VR solution, but the best set (HTC Vive) is PC-only.

    Microsoft has pulled back on Xbox VR, there's an article here. I'd imagine it's due to a combination of hardware constraints (it takes A LOT of juice to run decent VR) and expectation of low demand. There's probably an assumption that if someone can afford to drop money on a VR system (the HTC Vive costs twice as much as a console) then they can afford a decent PC.
  5. The Old One
    I'm not confident, depends upon your specifications.

    I'd recommend a 970GTX Graphics Card with appropriate equals and a Desktop myself.
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