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The Predator Debuts in China With $20.7 Million

The Predator saw it’s last major release last Friday, releasing in China on the 26th of October. Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s sequel topped the Chinese box office, marking the first time an American film has topped the Chinese charts in nearly two months.

While it may have debuted at number 1, it only took in $20.7 million (which according to Hollywood Reporter was actually above estimates of $18.1 million). This tips the film’s foreign takings over the 100 million mark, with it being just shy of 119 million.

Taking in The Predator’s domestic total, the current box office earnings now sit just short of 170 million worldwide against a reported budget of $88 million. How much Fox spent on marketing is currently unknown, though.

 The Predator Debuts in China With .7 Million

It looks like the general audience in China are also reacting to The Predator in the same way as the Western audiences. The Predator currently sits at 5.2 on Douban,(the Chinese equivalent to IMDB) compared to IMDB‘s score of 5.9. The Predator currently holds 32% on Rotten Tomato, with the aggregators’ own audience score being 43%.

Predators didn’t release in China but Alien: Covenant did. Covenant opened to $28 million and went on to take $45.4 million for its Chinese run. Prometheus banked $34 million for it’s Chinese release.

As with Alien: Covenant, The Predator wasn’t exactly a financial failure but it also didn’t perform particularly well. It certainly didn’t end up being the big “event movie” that Shane Black spoke of back in 2016.  I personally wouldn’t expect to see those sequels that John Davis spoke of and the franchise’s fate under Disney ownership is also unknown at this point.

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