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Prodos Games Announces Unicast Predator Hounds & Female Predators!

Prodos Games has just announced it’s upcoming releases for October for Aliens vs. Predator – The Hunt Begins! Fresh off the heels of The Predator, we have a Predator faction focused October ahead of us with unicast versions of the Predator Hellhounds and the female Predators (the first retail release of this unit, if I’m not mistaken).

One of the most complicated models to assemble for AVP were the Predator Hellhounds. Since then we have improved our technology and created UniCast. Time to put this technology to use.

 Prodos Games Announces Unicast Predator Hounds & Female Predators!

In the main board game rulebook you will find an entry for the “Female Warrior with Stick”. Time to put some meat on those bones, with UniCast of course.

 Prodos Games Announces Unicast Predator Hounds & Female Predators!

Something that has become a recent tradition of Prodos and AvP – The Hunt Begins are special pre-order exclusive models. October is no different! For all pre-orders of the Hellhounds and the female Predator, you’ll be receiving a Chester the Cat miniature!

It’s a cat inspired by Jonesy from the  Alien Franchise. Unlike the original, this is cat’s got some claws, as he is going to receive his own gamemode/mission, which you are going to design. We have created a miniature, and our Rules Design Team is eager to work with your ideas. Propose a gamemode/mission with Chester and send it to

Fans have three weeks to enter the competition and the winner will receive one of the specialized faction bundles that are currently on sale on the online store.

 Prodos Games Announces Unicast Predator Hounds & Female Predators!

The new Predator Hellhounds and female Predator units are currently available to pre-order on the Prodos website. They’re currently expected to release October 13th and are priced £15 and £20 respectively.

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