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Legacy Studios and Sideshow’s Mythos Alien Statue On The Way!

i09 have recently shared an exclusive look at Sideshow’s upcoming Mythos Alien statue. Designed in collaboration with Legacy Effects, the successor to Stan Winston Studios, the Mythos Alien is a re-imagining of the classic Alien design.

Redesigned by Legacy Studios and Sideshow, the Mythos alien offers fans a creepy new take on the classic monster as seen in the first film, keeping elements of the organic, H.R. Giger-influence—while amping up the agile hunter style that the original “Big Chap” design could only be capable of in our nightmares.

 Legacy Studios and Sideshow's Mythos Alien Statue On The Way!

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  1. TheSailingRabbit
    The design is complicated and messy, in a good way. It wholly displays the ugliness and terror. A perfect antagonist for any character of the Alien universe--Hudson, Ripley, Shaw, take your pick.

    And Jones is always a nice touch.
  2. Morose
    You know it's funny. I actually like the King alien design but don't like this. To me this alien statue seems really messy and not that elegant. The back pipes are too short and fatty, the legs are way to arm like, the head is messy, and the fingers seem to be way too long. Now don't get me wrong, the King alien isn't the most elegant of designs either. However at least it feels proportionate and it does have some fascinating features, such as the skull crest and tail. I own a King alien statue and, to me, its probably my favorite alien collectible.

    I know that the Legacy team  were trying to go with the alien design from the original storyboard sketches for alien 1979, however this statue just seems way too funky for my taste. Personally my favorite alien designs are the 1979 big chap, the unused HR Giger dog alien, and the Queen (which is partially a Giger creation as her hands are very similar to the hands of the alien in the Monster IV painting.
  3. SiL
    Quote from: Crazy Shrimp on Sep 29, 2018, 04:34:07 AM
    Do we need a reason now? it is a collectible piece, no an actual design for a movie. You don't like it, we get it. Just don't be so bitter about it.  ::)
    Reason from a design perspective? Sure, good designs are generally driven by some sort of reasoning. Slapping shit on a design for the sake of it isn't good design work. As a collectible piece it isn't something I'd like to add to my collection because the design is unappealing to me.

    If you like it, sweet, but could we maybe not act like the only worthwhile opinion on a piece of art is a positive one? Art is to be reacted to, positive or negative. I'm not bitter, just communicating my feelings :)
  4. bobby brown
    Easy with the "real fans" crap,

    But I get what you are saying, However, I wouldn't trade this for big chap. or his following descendants.

    Still, I can appreciate this as an artistic endeavor.
  5. Cenobitey
    Also... at the very least this has a more 'biomechanical' Giger influence in the design and I prefer it over the aliens in either Prometheus or Covenant.
  6. Cenobitey
    Any REAL ALIEN fan will know this design is more along the lines of what RIDLEY SCOTT wanted for the alien design to be... but they were limited in budget. Throughout the filming of the original film, Ridley kept the rule of quick shots and weird experiments contorting of Bolaji. Remember when the alien could be seen hanging in the cooling tower in the Directors cut? The tail was placed in the front of the actor... quick cuts were used... the weird crabwalk that was cut from the film, all to throw off that this was just an actor in a suit. Back in 1979, most people didn't know the actual shape of the alien until the end of the film!!! This was on purpose as the man-in-suit was the only option.
  7. The Old One
    It's not perfect- I don't understand why the hip and back protrusions are there,
    but I can appreciate that there's an element of not knowing what I'm viewing.

    I'd still prefer conceptual and strange work such as this, rather than crested dinosaurs.
  8. bobby brown
    This and the "alien king" is among the coolest stuff we have gotten through the years. I mean I can't afford either of those, but they make nice visual additions. Maybe the kind of the stuff a lot of us were hoping for during the wait for the newer movies.
  9. Naginata
    I friggin' love that design!  :o

    It's like a nightmare fusion of Big Chap, Queen, and Runner. And that face...! Just when you think everything's been done with a design, someone innovates with it again.
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