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Updated: The Predator’s Box Office Takings Drop 76% On Second Friday

Update 24th September – Per Box Office Mojo, the Domestic total now sits at $40,435,122 and $54,539,316 outside of the States, taking the Worldwide earnings to $94, 974, 438 and has now taken in more than its reported budget. 

Amidst mixed reviews and the Steven Striegel scandal, The Predator debuted on the lower end of expectations with $24 million for the weekend. According to Box Office Mojo, the film has only grossed $31,735,122 domestically so far which is  a slightly worse opening 8 day week than Predators’ which took $35,457,190.

The film only earned $2.45 million on it’s second Friday which according to Forbes is a 76% drop in takings. They are also projecting an $8 million weekend and $39.735m ten-day total. The Predator has also taken in $35,742,004 outside of the States, taking the film’s worldwide earnings to $69,927,126.

20th Century Fox’s The Predator took a huge 76% dive on Friday, earning just $2.45 million on its second Friday. That positions the $88m Shane Black-directed movie for an $8m (-68%) weekend and $39.735m ten-day cume. Its drop is right in line with Alien: Covenant (-80%) and Predators (-79%) on their second Fridays. General audiences didn’t care about another Predator movie and the hardcore fans showed up last weekend. The poor reviews, the whole “don’t hire a registered sex offender without telling anyone” scandal and the wealth of other options did this one in. If I were Skydance and Paramount, I’d be very nervous about that Terminator reboot.

 The Predator's Box Office Takings Drop 76% On Second Friday

Last year’s Alien: Covenant had a similar steep drop off, despite generally more positive critical reviews at the time. Predators also suffered a 79% drop for its second weekend. All three movies suffered from some very negative word of mouth.

Unfortunately it’s not looking likely that the film will recoup it’s $88 million budget domestically. I don’t think it would reaching to say that those two sequels that John Davis previously spoke of aren’t looking like a possibility.

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