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20th Century Fox Unleashes Final The Predator Trailer!

20th Century Fox has released the final The Predator trailer! Shane Black’s The Predator is less than two weeks away from release and 20th Century Fox have unleashed its final and arguably best trailer for the movie yet. The trailer lasts for 2 minutes 15 seconds and shows plenty of new footage including character moments and lots of Predator action.

The trailer opens with our first look at Yvonne Strahovski as McKenna’s wife and there are a lot of character moments in this. We get a sense of McKenna straight away and there are some great moments showing the Loonie dynamics.

There is a lot of new footage of the Fugitive and Upgrade Predator too. We see the Fugitive hanging off the side of a tree and cloaking, a very clear look at the Upgrade’s skin changing and the Ark crashing and Upgrade wading his way through water having left the ship. There is plenty of brutal Predator action and the trailer ends on a money shot of the Upgrade grabbing a hold of McKenna.

 20th Century Fox Unleashes Final The Predator Trailer!

The trailer also pokes fun at the use of name Predator, with Brackett describing them more as hunters. This is brought up again later in the trailer when Traeger points out that the Upgrade “brought his dogs with him” and we get some clearer footage of The Predator’s new dog design.

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