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Creating the Human Carnage of Alien 3

Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. have shared another cool behind the scenes video to their studioADI YouTube channel! This latest video is a focused on the various human remains featured in Alien 3 – including the mangled corpse of Hicks, the horrifying face of Newt frozen in a scream, the inside of Ripley and others.

Be sure to head on over to studioADI’s YouTube channel to check out more of their behind-the-scenes videos on their Alien and Predator work as well as their other films!

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Comments: 19
  1. D88M
    Really good job, but by the comments i thought they were gonna show some gore :/ Also i finf hilarois that they cover the "private parts", but youtube censorship policy is crap.
  2. jhudson
    Absolutely wild that they made that, it was obviously deemed to be too realistic and the solution was to use a real girl.

    Almost like you became more aware it was fake if it was a real actress, so it became more acceptable.
  3. whiterabbit
    Dude never came back after posting that. Also that Seraph guy has a good question, even if it's nothing more than morbid curiosity but what happened to those models? Are they buried inside of someones basement? :P
  4. whiterabbit
    No question that they make some great stuff. I suppose it was the way the movie was shot but I didn't know that Newt's mouth was that wide open. I mean damn, that is unnerving realism.

    Although when the words creating and carnage are in the title of a thread about Alien3; I was assuming they were going to be talking about the production of Alien3.
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