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See More of the Upgrade Predator in New TV Spot!

20th Century Fox have released a brand new TV Spot for The Predator! Lasting 15 seconds, it begins with Olivia Munn’s character Casey asking what’s on the ship and Agent Traeger replies that it is the ultimate Predator. Most of the footage we’ve seen before but there’s a couple of new shots in there.

Firstly we see Casey being attacked in the forest by something and we see new shots of the Upgrade Predator in a quarry followed by a closeup of his face.

Thanks to Tetsujin for the news.

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  1. zackpred12
    Just left the theatre, yes the spit was a message.  Global warming was a message.  And this is my message to the makers of this film.  Dear Black and Co., I just wanted to say that I have done nothing but support you all through this process, re-shoots, release delays, canon haters, fanboys etc.  I was truly let down.  It felt like a video game.  There were so many fun moments, but were ultimately sabotaged by the very next scene.  I just wish this wasn't a predator installment.   Unfortunately,  I think the franchise is doomed after this.  I had high hopes for this film.  I planned on seeing it 3 times this weekend just to give it my money.  I may not ever watch it again.  To be clear, I was in agreement that "Predator" should be taken in a new direction, and I didn't mind the new expansion to the story.   It's just felt like a 5year old directed it!  I WAS a fan of Blacks work....until now.  I am angry due to the directorial decisions rather than the story.  Almost every shot was a close up,  action sequences were so fast paced I couldn't even keep up before it cut to something irrelevant.  There were character deaths that didn't even register!  It was a hot mess!  Nothing about this movie screams professionalism.  Oh, and ADI!  still can't figure out a way to close the mandibles without cgi huh? Typical. "Just fold em' back just like Scar!" Someone probably said. Anyway, it was fun, but is my least favorite entry.  I would go as far as to say that AVPR was was handled with more respect and dignity than this film was. Sorry....But I think so.

    - zoom out occasionally
    - take your the original
    - expansion is wonderful, if taken seriously
    - keep politics out of your sci-fi movie.
    - Olivia Munn CANT run that fast! Humanly impossible!
    - I love dogs. However, if they add nothing to the story...put them down. Otherwise it's a confusion bone to chew.
    - if you cast someone as an autistic character....he or she shouldn't break character....EVER! It's not confusing, but makes the puzzle pieces not fit so well.
    -  why so extra on the Gore? To please  fans?  Fans want their beloved sci fi characters to be treated realistically.
    Not for (almost) every  limb, torso, and head to be completely severed with tools that couldn't even accomplish this matter who or what the aggressor.
    -fire your digital artists. Period. I have seen better  PS4 graphics. (Primarily 3rd act)

    Ok, I'm done. Just needed to vent.  Enjoy the movie fellas.  If you can.      3/10

    ;)  ;)
  2. Sugarcoated
    Morons, next time don't bring trained military men to fight predators, just hire female scientists. Give them a gun and they will show them how it's done.
  3. JokersWarPig
    what I wouoldnt give to see the cut with the friendly predators..ok hers comes that we cant have friendlies can we!

    going back the second time was just as much fun! Im going again this saturday, and imax next week gotta see it on that huge screen too! PITY its not in 3D!!
    I'd love to see a Predator coming right for me id be the only one reaching out trying to touch  him lol

    I don't think it's "We cant have 'good' Predators" so much as they looked like they were part of the US Military
  4. zackpred12
    Lol, I'm with ya. I would have LOVED to see the original cut. (Not saying the "friendlies " were the greatest idea in terms of continuity or anything)  I just love seeing different predator personalities.  I heard they were in the film for a short period of time,  so it probably would have been a let down. But would have wanted to see it none the less...
  5. andreaNZ
    what I wouoldnt give to see the cut with the friendly predators..ok hers comes that we cant have friendlies can we!

    going back the second time was just as much fun! Im going again this saturday, and imax next week gotta see it on that huge screen too! PITY its not in 3D!!
    I'd love to see a Predator coming right for me id be the only one reaching out trying to touch  him lol

  6. andreaNZ
    Ive seen the film twice in a row tonight I asked for half my money back because the first have I fkn LOVED then it takes a dump after
    Spoiler (click to show/hide)

    OPPS SORRY! I forgotten how to put a spoiler alert off. damn sorry!
  7. yautjapet
    That actually got my heartrate up slightly, I always did prefer tension and suspense over flat out blood and guts and gore. Too bad it seems like there will be far more of the latter than the former.
  8. NiceGuy
    It really sucks. You think you're watching a cool tv spot, and they spoil the sh%t out of it. I guess its my fault, i shouldn't watch every single piece of footage i find, but i can't help myself.
  9. BigDaddyJohn
    Yeah, its really quick.

    Oh f**k i saw it...
    Spoiler (click to show/hide)

    Thats right.

    Yeah i recognized him
    Spoiler (click to show/hide)
  10. Corporal Hicks

    In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by the TV advertising attention analytics company, Twentieth Century Fox claims the top spot in spending with “The Predator.”

    Ads placed for the sci-fi thriller had an estimated media value of $6.55 million through Sunday for 1,523 national ad airings on 34 networks. (Spend figures are based on estimates generated from Sept. 3-9. Estimates may be updated after the chart is posted as new information becomes available.) Universal prioritized spend across networks including Fox, NBC and CBS Sports, and during programs such as NFL Football, College Football and Rel.

    $6.55M – The Predator
    Impressions: 386,566,153
    Attention Score: 92.68
    Attention Index: 101
    National Airings: 1,523
    Networks: 34
    Most Spend On: FOX, NBC
    Creative Versions: 20
    Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $14.28M
    Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
    Started Airing: 06/08/18
  11. andreaNZ

    oimg that new stuff Im likeing Fugitive ALOT he looks and moves really good from what I can see,,DEF my Fave Predator yet, except for the fasce, not likeing the face much but damn I think im gonna love his character@@@

    is tere a version of this on youtube? cants put this one in slow mo..some awesome shots of Fugitive OMG hes look really good!!!
  12. yautjapet
    As eternally bitter as I am about Upgrade, I'm very excited to hear actual dialogue from a pred! I remember reading the rumor (or script leak, can't recall) about it and am glad it made it into the movie. I hope we also get to hear Fugitive's response.
  13. Xan21
    Predator comes with subtitles lol

    Kinda baffles me they ditched the original vision from 1 and 2... it was way more spooky... Transformers dawn of extinction had some very similar looking vision that comes much much closer... but they just choose not to.
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