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Shane Black Talks The Predator Vocalization

In a recent interview with Fandango, Shane Black was asked about the approach was taking with the Predator’s iconic vocalization sound originally brought to life by Peter Cullen. It turns out, it’s staying true to the original sound effect!

We’ve modulated it somewhat, but there are certain elements I think, and maybe you agree, that are so good that there’s no use making them part of your update process. For instance, the original Predator makeup, you can adjust it slightly, but who wants to change that iconic, classic insect face, you know? It’s just too good. So, similarly, the sounds they make, although we’ve hopefully done a little bit of improv work on them, we’ve left it essentially the same, as a callback.

Be sure to head on over to Fandango and check out the entire interview with Shane Black. There’s not a great deal of new information but Shane re-affirms a lot of things such as the focus on the Predator movement and The Dirty Dozen influence of The Predator’s characters.

 Shane Black Talks The Predator Vocalization

Earlier this year Peter Cullen spoke at a Transformer convention about his involvement with the original film and his inspiration for where the Predator’s sound came from.

“Roll down to the very end of the film where the Predator takes off his head gear and you’re gonna see the face. When they did that I saw this ugly, ugly face and these tentacles going like this *mimics the mandibles.*

It reminded me of an upside down horseshoe crab dying in the sun on a beach when I was a kid. It was nasty. But from that horseshoe crab was coming all these crackling sounds. Bubbles that were bursting.”

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