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Shane Black Talks The Predator Clans, Reshoots, Alternate Cuts & Runtime

Coming of the heels of San Diego Comic Con 2018, Collider has two new interviews on The Predator. The first video features Shane Black, who starts by explaining the motivation behind the extensive third-act reshoots that the film received after its initial test screenings.

He re-iterates recent comments he’d made in Empire about him not liking the original footage being shot during the daytime and wanted to go back to shoot at night instead.  Black continues on to specify the concept of multiple Predator clans, and that the ones in this film are not necessarily representative of all of them.

“The Predators, they wear tribal garments, they swing from trees, they have spears, and yet they arrive in interstellar spacecraft. So that suggests to me that there is a faction among Predators that isn’t just ceremonial, there have to be scientists to design these spacecraft. They have to have a society with strata, a society that could even support internecine conflict between the various classes let’s say. So without getting into that, I think it’s important to understand that maybe there are factions, and that we can choose one faction, let’s say there’s a particularly irritable group of Predators on Predator world and let’s say that having bested their champions, not once but twice in the past, that they’re not really happy with Earth, and so in that event it would make sense for them to strike back. And it might not be all Predators, but it is in particular a group of very angry Predators who aren’t above maybe even cheating a little bit.”

This specification is likely to quell the fears of some fans worried about significant lore retconning. Black also estimates that the runtime of The Predator is currently about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Black goes on to say that he suggested multiple cuts of the film to Fox for home release, but that the initial cut would have unfinished special effects that might be costly to complete meaning that it’s very unlikely we’ll be seeing any alternate cut for home release.

Collider also interviewed some of the cast for the film which you can view below. They don’t reveal anything new but it’s a fantastic look at the chemistry the cast members share and it’s well worth a watch for the entertainment value in that alone!

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