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Fox & Tongal’s Alien Short Films Now Beginning Pre-Production!

At the end of June 20th Century Fox and Tongal announced they were partnering up to produce six Alien short films following a pitch competition. There were over 550 entrants which was then narrowed down to 18 finalists. Tongal have now announced the final 6 winners whose pitches are now proceeding to pre-production!

Production on the shorts is currently slated to begin in October with release sometime early in 2019. We’ll be sure to follow the production and promotion of these new entries into the Alien universe!

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  1. Denton Smalls
    Somebody should make a short called Aliens: Canon and just completely turn the lore upside down for sh!ts and giggles...

    I’m talking instantaneous chestburster births post-facehug, David being the Space Jockey, Turk dying in the EEV and not Hicks, Bishop putting an egg on the Sulaco, Charles Weyland being Peter Weyland’s dad, etc.

  2. HumanPredator
    @TC, that is the issue i have with Tongal.  The instructions are not very clear.  They said you can't use any copyrighted material, but you can mention characters from the film?  I entered the contest...didn't win (though would have liked to have received some sort of feedback). 
  3. Corporal Hicks
     I wonder if these movies will be considered semi-canon or what.

    I doubt it. That would require a whole extra level of story ratification that they don't mention in the competition process. Here is what they have to say about story requirements:

    I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss this. They're 5-10 minute long shorts that are unlikely to have any sort of far reaching continuity implications. It's an officially sanctioned competition being overseen in some capacity by Fox. If anything, I'd say they'd have the same "canon" validity as any other tie-in's that Fox sanctions.

    Will these be released online? Hopefully, it is like the Blade Runner 2049 prequel movies which were released on Youtube.

    Unknown but I'd imagine they'll see online release. Personally, I'm hoping Fox'll make some spectacle of them for AlienDay 2019. Cinematic showings in front of or after showings of Alien or some such.
  4. TC
     I wonder if these movies will be considered semi-canon or what.

    I doubt it. That would require a whole extra level of story ratification that they don't mention in the competition process. Here is what they have to say about story requirements:

    The goal of this Project is to produce a unique five to nine-minute Short within the universe of the original 1979 Alien film. The contents of your story and Pitch is up to you, but must adhere to the following criteria.

    Your STORY must:

    ¤ Be themed with the science fiction and/or horror genre;
    ¤ Be tonally in line with the original film – suspenseful, visceral, claustrophobic and intense;
    ¤ Keep a narrative vantage point centered around the original story;
    ¤ Introduce original character(s) based in the archetype of the underdog – the everyday working men and women that grounded the film in realism and relatability;ý
    ¤ Include Alien in some form of its lifecycle (i.e. ovomorph to face hugger, chestburster +/or Xenomorph);
    ¤ Be for a short video ideally five to nine minutes in length; and

    Your PITCH must not:

    ¤ Use the name/likeness of any actors appearing in the Alien films;
    ¤ Use the characters from the Alien films; or
    ¤ Use actual Alien film footage, music or any third party controlled material.

    Even though your Pitch must not use characters from the Alien films, your Pitch may reference these characters in dialogue (e.g., “Ash wouldn’t have done that…”).

    Your PITCH AND FINAL VIDEO must be wholly original.

    Someone asked for clarificatio n about whether they could base their story on other Alien film; they said no. Alien '79 only.

    There was also confusion expressed over the seemingly contradictory requirements of "wholly original", yet based on a "narrative vantage point centered around the original story".

    At a guess I'd say "wholly original" means "don't rip off your fav. scene in that Dark Horse comic",

    And "narrative vantage point centered around the original story" means they wanted stories that used Alien 79's setting, concepts, events, designs - pretty much everything except the actual characters.

  5. Perfect-Organism
    A part of me kind of wanted to enter this, but I knew ahead of time that I would have had no time,  but here is what I had in mind to do...

    A small family vessel encounters a juggernaut I space, and is boarded.  The family is in hypersleep.  The family is quickly awoken and overtaken by engineers and some studies begin.  A little unnoticed girl escapes and disappears into the small ship.  A little time goes by and she is playing as she is discovered by a little engineer girl.  They become playmates.  Then a big tall engineer adult discovers them both, and a look of kindness crosses his face.  He takes the little girl to her parents, wipes the family's memories and puts them back in hypersleep.  The engineers leave.  The little girl is shown sleeping with the engineer girl's toy.  The end.

    I was loosely inspired by that outtake scene from Prometheus at the end where the engineer is in vickers' vessel and he looks at the girl playing the violin as if admiring her.
  6. The Old One
    I hope it's a diverse body of work from which each short  is constructed of several influences.
    It would be most disappointing if they were plainly just aping a previous Alien film, most likely the first.
  7. The Old One
    Many of the best directors and writers started with shorts, (A boy and his bike)- just so long as they aren't CW quality there'll likely be something worthwhile.
  8. yarko
    Is any of the selected filmmakers member of this forum? I'd love to provide some creature effects for any of the projects  :P

     I might have to stick to filming my own not-oficially aproved and totally low cost short someday...

    Anyways, I see there are a lot of people in this forum who had ideas and motivation for this, maybe we should try to make something even without tongals and fox support.
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