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Sterling K. Brown Talks Playing The Predator’s Traeger

With the majority of the cast of The Predator currently in San Diego, some new interviews are beginning to crop up with the stars of the film. IndieWire have released a short one with Sterling K. Brown, the actor portraying William Traeger, the man in charge of Project Stargazer. And he’s evidently not a pleasant man!

Shane Black’s sci-fi ensemble features Brown as Will Traeger, an alien technology expert through his Project Stargazer. Studying artifacts from past predator attacks, Traeger is amassing all the knowledge he can about the creatures. “He has his own interest at heart, but also [is] looking to just kick the predator’s ass,” Brown said, sitting in the shade of a massive patio at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront this afternoon. Or, more bluntly: “Traeger is not the nicest person in this movie. He’s a bit of a penis, and it’s a delight to play just a bit of a penis. Someone who’s not always kind, like a dick.”

 Sterling K. Brown Talks Playing The Predator's Traeger

Brown also spoke a little about how long-time Predator producer John Davis came to him for the role, wanting someone that people weren’t expecting to play Traeger.

Brown says John Davis — a producer on all five “Predator” films — offered him the part with the caveat, “‘I don’t think anybody else sees you in this film, but I know you can do it and I want you for it.’” Just 11 years old when Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the first installment, Brown was “full of nostalgia” when he read Black and Fred Dekker’s script, and also said yes because, “If I get a chance to whoop some ass a little bit, carry a little weaponry, do that sort of thing, then I know my dad is smiling upon me down in Heaven, because this is his kind of movie.”

At yesterday’s Comic Con panel, Brown mentioned that Traeger actually spends most of the film seperate from the Loonies and the other characters. In this IndieWire interview he reveals that the recent reshoots actually gave Traeger more screentime with the Loonies.

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