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AvPGalaxy Exclusive: Details on The Predator Reshoots!

Back in February The Predator underwent some extensive reshoots that reportedly significantly changed a lot of the third act of the film.  Alien vs. Predator Galaxy can exclusively confirm that the reports of the major changes to the third act are true. And it sounds like a lot of what fans were criticising have been removed! Beware spoilers!

According to our sources the latest edits of the film following the reshoots have seen the so called “friendly” Predators that we’ve previously seen photos of completely cut from the film, as is the entire APC sequence and the various hybrid creatures. Only the Predator Dog mentioned in the recent set visits remains.

All death sequences involving the more prominent characters have also been completely changed now and the final battle with the Upgrade Predator takes place at night in the woods. After attacking the Project: Stargazer base, Upgrade gives the survivors a chance to escape before he begins to hunt them to find the best fighter amongst them.

The latest cut of the film tested also featured additional scenes that connected The Predator to the previous films, including Alien vs. Predator. Lex’s spear is now displayed alongside City Hunter’s spear from Predator 2. Casey, Olivia Munn’s character, is also shown some grainy pictures of the Predators from the first two films.

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