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New The Predator Image on Cover of Mad Movies Magazine

The upcoming July edition of French movie magazine, Mad Movies, looks set to have a feature on The Predator. They’ve also got a pretty cool side profile shot of the film’s “Fugitive” Predator!

 New The Predator Image on Cover of Mad Movies Magazine

This issue is due for release around the 11th or 12th of July. Thanks to von and Axel for the news!

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  1. The Wolverine Predator
    Nothing really, I'm afraid. Half a page spread. No new pics.
    Why are you afraid?

    He's not afraid, he's just English.


    Have you never seen "I'm afraid" used in that context? Didn't think it was a British thing.
    I only laughed because I figured he was messing with you Hicks
  2. MudButt
    We're getting closer to release.. about 6 weeks out so the marketing campaign is about to ramp up. Excited to see these interviews with the cast. They've all got great chemistry and they're entertaining individually. I know commenting on Olivia Munn's attractiveness is popular currently (for good reason, my god) but she's also pretty funny and entertaining in interviews.
  3. yautjapet
    Yeah, I think it was pretty shady to deliberately put a shot in the Predators trailer that was misleading and had nothing to do with the story. And while for this movie, it was a late change rather than intentional misdirection, now that they've cut the friendly preds and the APC scenes they should quit using them in forthcoming trailers.
  4. Huggs
    You know why that shot was changed though, there's only three Predators and they wanted to make it look like there was more.
    Nothing mysterious or anything to ponder.

    For me there was. It was the first time I'd ever encountered such a thing. I kept thinking the 3 predators must be pushing them towards a larger camp or that additional predators would be coming off the ship to hunt them. Consequently, when I saw that scene, it served as a distraction because it was something I had been anticipating the whole movie.
  5. The Old One
    You know why that shot was changed, there's only three Predators, they wanted to make it look like there were more.
    Nothing mysterious or anything to ponder.

  6. Huggs
    Still using the APC in marketing...

    I know they have to attract more people to watch the film but it's not fair they use stuff so close to the premiere which won't be in the final version.

    If we get a director's cut or alternate version containing the original film, that's one thing. But to keep using footage not found in the new theatrical cut is kind of raw. Instead of talking about the quality of the film, or enjoying the experience again in their mind, people will be leaving the theater scratching their heads and wondering why all that cool looking stuff wasn't in the movie. Just like the laser scene with Royce in Predators, I spent the remainder of the film and a good portion afterwards wondering why that money shot was changed. It was a distraction.
  7. PredBabe
    Well that was a badass shot of the vehicle flipping. They should have left those bits in. A vehicle chase with Predators sounds neat.

    Might be worth keeping an eye on this guy. He says he works on The Predator but he works for FoxNext so might be getting something from them for the film.

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Having worked on XCOM2 and now working on The Predator, I appreciate the heck out of this post. Yeah, that's right, it's hecking aces!<a href=""></a></p>— Chris White (@RomerosSoldier) <a href="">July 20, 2018</a></blockquote>
    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

    Why do I want an XCOM game set in the Predator universe now?

    Hell, if they'd made an Avp Extinction type of game (but actually good) with an XCOM approach I'd be so in.

    Now I want Avp Extinction 2. That would be so awesome.

    I always enjoyed the first game. Loved playing as the aliens and building my hive up. I always loved getting a bunch of runners and plowing through enemies... until a bunch of flamethrowers would make them explode.  :P

    Something similar with better graphics, of course, would be awesome.
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