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ET Goes Behind the Scenes on The Predator with Olivia Munn and Sterling K Brown

ET Online has posted a short new video filmed on the set of The Predator. The interview itself doesn’t really focus on the movie too much or reveal anything new but there’s some cool new behind the scenes footage, particularly of Olivia Munn.

“O-Money’s cool people,” Sterling K. Brown told ET about Olivia Munn, revealing the nickname he’s chosen for his co-star. Turns out, she has quite a few on the set of The Predator: Simply “Money,” for example, or “Liv Money.” As for Munn’s nickname for Brown? “Sterling K. Brown,” she said with laugh.

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  1. skull-splitter
    Very little peak indeed, but I like how they use LED's for illumination effects for the Predator's blood.
    Also: is O'money naked in that suit? There was a shot in the trailer with a bare shoulder. Could be a play on the mud scene / camouflage / being totally disarmed and in that case other wear the same suit too probably. If not it's just a cheap excuse to get her naked.

  2. Corporal Hicks
    Here's some caps of the behind-the-scenes stuff -

    Thanks Johnny!
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