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The Predator Trailer Previewed at CinemaCon!

20th Century Fox’s showcase is currently taking place in Las Vegas at CinemaCon and as expected, Shane Black’s The Predator has finally had some preview footage screened! It looks like it was a trailer rather than any preview scenes. The trailer starts off on Halloween with Jacob Tremblay’s character Rory playing with a toy box that has a toy alien ship inside of it. It’s revealed that he’s actually controlling a real alien spaceship somewhere else and that ship crashes onto Earth, releasing a lot of Predators into the wild.

The trailer then cuts to an interrogation room with Boyd Holbrook’s character, Quinn who is an expert sniper and the father of Rory. The sequence is intercut with shots of soldiers battling the Predators in a jungle – lots of gunfire and explosions and one of Predators holds one of the soliders up by the neck. Olivia Munn makes an appearance as scientist Casey Bracket and she states that the Predators are upgrading on every planet they visit. She is later seen handling a weapon.

By all accounts, the trailer features lots of blood, gore, gunfights and explosions. The reaction on Twitter has been decisively mixed. Some people are liking it while others aren’t digging it.


I wouldn’t expect any of this footage to leak online, nor for Fox to release anything online to coincide with the preview. However, the official Indonesian 20th Century Fox Twitter account recently confirmed that the trailer would be going online in May.

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