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Updated: USCSS Nostromo – Alien: The Board Game!

A head of the third annual #AlienDay, the game publishers Wonderdice have unveiled their upcoming game based on the very first Alien film: USCSS Nostromo – Alien: The Board Game! USCSS Nostromo comes with three different game modes, giving you options to play as either the crew of the Nostromo or as the Alien itself. The game looks to be set for release at the end of 2018, start of 2019.

“Get ready for an epic cooperative survival Boardgame to test your skills and tactics, with or against your friends!

With your teammates manage the entire Nostromo’s crew, decide on your tactics and strategy before their deployment on the field. In order to Survive use various type of mission orders, protocols, weapons… or hunt your friends using your skills and attempt to slay them all in being the Alien.”

 USCSS Nostromo - Alien: The Board Game!

Wonderdice actually has the global license on Alien’s Extended Universe which encompasses Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. USCSS Nostromo – Alien: The Board Game is currently available for pre-purchase on the game’s official website.

In addition to receiving the game earlier than retail, those who pre-purchase will also get several pre-sale exclusive items which include 1 booster pack of 7 exclusive cards, 2 exclusive Wallpapers and 1 Alien miniature.

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Update 18/04/2018 – It would appear there’s a bit of controversy surrounding this game, with claims that the publisher is plagiarising a prototype game that was submitted to them previously. You can find out more here.

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  1. Some
    The game industry doesn't work like you seem to think it does, which you'd have learnt if you actually read about the issues.

    It's not even clear if the copyright law are respected by the new version of the game, as is proven by wonderdice attempt to reach an agreement with the original author post-polemic.

    As has been repeatedly said by most of the editors and authors who witnessed the bad buzz, had they restarted a game from scratch, they would have obtained totally different mechanics.

    And past this issue, when the editors, authors and the board game community acknowledges what they did was theft by the industry standard, clearly what they did was theft.

    Saying the original author, who was still in contact with his usual editor about this game, has been negligent in any way is blatant ignorance of the facts surrounding the whole affair, and just means that you're apologetic of thieves.
  2. windebieste
    Now you're just being accusatory - for no reason - and it's not welcome. 

    I have read about the issues surrounding this game and came to the conclusion the original developer failed to take steps to protect his property from potential theft - which is what appears to have happened.  But by copyright law, the new version of the game adequately differs from the original version for it to be a valid new product but they failed to acknowledge the original creator.

    I say both parties are negligent here and this issue isn't something that will be solved by unwarrented finger pointing on a forum not associated with the product(s) in question.

  3. Some
    Since the case has absolutely nothing to do with the license, I'd still say that clearly windie has made no effort in understanding the problem at all. Be it a licensed game or not, the problem would be exactly the same.
  4. SiL
    Quote from: 426Buddy on May 02, 2018, 11:22:03 AM
    I think winde is refering to the original author, who made the game and pitched it to Wonderdice, when neither had the license.

    Im not commenting on the actual matter at hand, im just pointing out that Winde is correct when he said that the original game was created before anyone had the license. After that it sounds like wonderdice stole the idea for the game and acquired the license.
    Yes, but the issue was never really about who did or didn't have the license at what stage of the matter. It didn't really factor into what's going on.
  5. 426Buddy
    Quote from: SiL on May 01, 2018, 11:49:30 AM
    Yes, but they still got it before trying to make a game.

    I think winde is refering to the original author, who made the game and pitched it to Wonderdice, when neither had the license.

    Im not commenting on the actual matter at hand, im just pointing out that Winde is correct when he said that the original game was created before anyone had the license. After that it sounds like wonderdice stole the idea for the game and acquired the license.
  6. Some
    I am amazed sometimes of how people can talk about a topic without any understanding of it on the internet.

    I mean, how does windebieste think he can bring anything to the subject while he clearly read nothing about it?
  7. SiL
    Yes, but they still got it before trying to make a game.

    The issue was that they took the old idea and ran with it without notifying or crediting the original author, then offered him sweet f**k-all when it was brought to his attention and he called them out on it.
  8. windebieste
    Welcome to the murky, shadowy twilight world of working on a Project based on an Intellectual Property without the use of a Licence.  This looks like it's turned into an ownership battle between 2 developers.  Tragic development, that. 

    Happens too often though.  A clash of interest.  Misunderstandings.  Lack of dedication by one party involved.  Too much in house competition... any number of reasons or combinations thereof.  The most common culprit, though...


  9. Radomir
    I'm one of those overexcited fans who pre-ordered the game shortly before the controversy has unveiled.
    I have contacted the company Wonderdice, concerned about development of the game, because the website and Facebook page have been taken down. They replied :

    "Dear Radomir,
    We will be back online soon. Don't worry you will get your game this summer !
    Aldébaran Geneste"

    I'm really curious how this affair will develop...
  10. Mr. Clemens
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Apr 27, 2018, 09:22:52 AM

    Wow. I was prepared to ignore the controversy 'cause I just want a good Alien board game, but with that statement, these guys have proved themselves to be irredeemable assholes. I almost get the impression they're going to sue me if I don't buy it. I'll make a point of avoiding all things WonderDice from now on (not that I knew who they were in the first place).
  11. Moresvy
    WonderDice plagiarize this game from other people who offer this concept to them 8 years ago and was refused just to now make the game themselves, they don't even change the name and they menace to sue any media who talk against them.

    Don't support this thieves.
  12. Some
    Thanks windebieste,

    I'm glad to finally see someone so sympathetic for those guys. Clearly, you've really understood the matter at stake.

    Thieves should totally be rewarded for thieving, otherwise, it means that years of thieving would go unrewarded, which seems like, totally unfair.
  13. windebieste
    Aw, Man.  I hope they can over come this hurdle.  I mean, Fox really don't care if you make unlicenced stuff - just be careful how you sell it.  Look at how many unofficial T-shirts, resin casts and other items are for sale.  Such unauthorised manufacturers are more likely to be chased by organisations that are already (ALIEN) licence holders making a similar product rather than Fox themselves. 

    It's too bad for these guys that opposition to their board game came from 'behind' so to speak.  From what I can see of their efforts, it's all been legal and within copyright law boundaries without the need to approach Fox at all.  Copyright law doesn't just exist to protect owners; it also has provision for third party authors and artists to release product/content under strict guidelines. 

    Sorry to see these guys get choked like this.  Obviously, this 3rd party has determined the game is going to be a success and wants a piece of the pie.  If it's legitimately his - and it's not my judgment call to determine that - then maybe he's entitled to it. 

    I'm looking forward to an eventual resolution between the 2 parties and the game seeing release.  Please make this happen, Guys!

  14. Corporal Hicks
    The official page just posted this update -

    QuoteHello everyone,

    First of all, I apologize for our response delay, we preferred to have a better overview before making a more official statement.
    We are very saddened by the situation and quite stunned by what is happening around the Nostromo project. We sincerely seek to do the right thing in this situation so we contacted François Bachelart at the beginning of this campaign, to clarify things and see what can be done together.

    In view of a situation beyond our control that we had to manage since the day before yesterday, we have not yet had the opportunity to have a true discussion with François and we think it is important to address the subject calmly with him.

    It is obvious that we are perfectly against plagiarism, especially since the game environment is a medium that we love and respect. Game designers do a great job and it is important to us that it is valued and paid for.

    We will keep you informed of the next steps.

    -Aldébaran Geneste
  15. SiL
    So their defense is ... what? "Well we asked if he wanted to make it a kid's game while we turned it into a gamer's game, and he didn't reply, so shut up"? ???
  16. Corporal Hicks
    Quote from: Mr. Clemens on Apr 18, 2018, 09:54:27 PM
    Quote from: skhellter on Apr 18, 2018, 05:19:17 PM
    The rules have been posted online.

    Dig around on the boardgamegeek link above.

    Ah, thanks, I'll check 'em out. (The guy making the claims (The game being released)

    This website spoke to both parties -

    QuoteStruck by the magnitude of the controversy that has been brewing since Monday night, Nathanael de Wonderdice explains in essence: "We have never denied having been in contact with François Bachelart. He had indeed shown us his proto 4 years ago. The game could work with a little work and on the Alien license. We were interested, we told him, and it turned out that CMON could potentially be ready to distribute it to the US. So we started to learn about how to get this license with Fox. But CMON then backtracked, judging the game too familial for its audience.

    Rather than totally abandoning the idea of ​​a game stamped Alien, contacts having been taken from the FOX to obtain the license of the film, Aldebaran and Nathanael wished to develop their own game, more gamer, based on the same film .

    But the filiation with the original game of François Bachelart is obvious, indissociable, and the latter does not yet seem put "in the loop" of development at any time. Wonderdice, on the other hand, claims to have developed the game for a year and a half with a team of beta testers to finally come up with a "completely different" game.

    Still, the starting game was that of François Bachelart and he does not appear anywhere in the credits. "Unkindness, lack of experience and license-related stress got in the way when we made the decision to go it alone. We never realized what was brewing until it explodes in our face. " (Yet it seems that their previous title, Play Me , has already given rise to complications of the same kind with its author, Martin Wolyo ... but this is another story to investigate!).

    It turns out that François had been made aware that Wonderdice was still working on a very inspired game ("at this level it's not inspired it's aspirant" he tells us not without humor) of his proto there a few months ago, when the box of the "new Nostromo" landed at Edge. Wonderdice was looking for a dealer for the game, and all the while the game arrived there. But Edge knew François Bachelart's initial proto for having studied it extensively for several years.

    At this point, the author is warned, surprised and dissatisfied, but does not think about contacting Wonderdice for more explanations, "I thought it was going to stop there," he says. It is true that for an author it is not clear how to react, especially since there is little recourse and jurisprudence in this area.

    Aldebaran and Nathanael finally had the opportunity to obtain the Alien license, and decided to take the gamble to afford this opportunity (the year 2019 will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the saga). They finally arrive at a game, which has "nothing to do with the family game of departure," says Nathanael.

    It is the day before the launch of the pre-order that the internautique storm breaks out. "We have received insults, threats, calls for boycotts, which is forbidden by law," he says. "However we also proposed to Francis to make a family game based on his Nostromo, with a more cartoony look, but he did not follow up". The author acknowledges having received this proposal but has not considered it seriously, given the current context.

    "The best outcome for me is that they give up the project" says the author who would like to resume his work in hand to develop it as he sees fit, and with another publisher. "If they had come to explain to me that they needed a game more gamer, I would have worked in this direction. "He regrets," I would have done, it's part of the job of author. "

    The outcome of the case, nobody knows today, but it could well end in the courts. Could such a case be used as a precedent to prevent similar situations from happening again? Can common ground still be found between the two parties? Case to follow ...
  17. SiL
    That is the claim, yes.

    By the looks of it he pitched it long before the publisher had the rights to the property, then when they got the rights they pulled this out.
  18. SM
    So they're claiming a dude made an Alien boardgame and tried to get it published, and after that fell through the publisher went ahead and did it anyway without him?
  19. Tsss
    "A Communiqué from the French Game Designers Union

    This newsletter will be more specific than usual, dealing with the legal protection of boardgames. Regularly, by mail or in our facebook group, wannabe designers ask us « how not to have my idea stolen by a publisher ».

    We won't go into details about this topic here. Someday, the SAJ (Société des Auteurs de Jeux, the french game designers union) might publish a comprehensive text on this issue, but usually we mostly try to calm down the anguished designers. In France, since there's no legal way to protect a game rule, the best way to ensure one's paternity over it is to show it around to as many gamers as possible. Since the boardgames business is largely open and honest, any obvious plagiarist would soon be toast. Anyway, it almost never happens.

    Well, it looks like we are witnessing one of the few exceptions to this long standing rule. A game publisher, Wonder Dice, is launching a preorder campaign for the game a young designer, François Bachelart, has shown them a few years ago. The publisher even proposed him a contract then, but they failed to find an agreement and it wasn't signed. From what we know at the moment, it looks like the publisher simply « stole" the game from its designer, developing and publishing it without his agreement, without his name and of course without royalties.

    The SAJ firmly disapproves of such practices, and gives all its support to François. Since legal actions would be expensive and their result unpredictable due to ambiguity of boardgames legal status, the only thing we can do is to inform designers and gamers of the bad dealings of Wonderdice, and hope they will deservedly fail.

    We want to make clear that this sad story is only an exception. Relations between game designers and publishers are usually trustful. As a matter of fact, Edge, a major French distributor, has declined to sell the game. All the gamers and game designers who have heard of this story are already spreading the word about Wonderdice obvious dishonesty, and are of course restraining from ordering the game. The boardgames world reacts in the best possible way, and it's not a surprise for us."

    Source (non-partagée en public)
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