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Peter Cullen Talks Vocalising the Predator

Peter Cullen is a name best associated with Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots. Something that still manages to surprise the occasional Predator fan is the fact that Cullen worked on the original film and provided the iconic vocalisation of the Predator.

His involvement is not something that I’ve seen talked about very often so the recollection in the video below (uploaded by TFconToronto back in February) wasn’t one of those behind-the-scene we’ve heard countless times before hand.

After their reluctance to show Cullen what the Predator looked like, the producers eventually agreed to: “Roll down to the very end of the film where the Predator takes off his head gear and you’re gonna see the face. When they did that I saw this ugly, ugly face and these tentacles going like this *mimics the mandibles.*

It reminded me of an upside down horseshoe crab dying in the sun on a beach when I was a kid. It was nasty. But from that horseshoe crab was coming all these crackling sounds. Bubbles that were bursting.”

In addition to talking about the inspiration for the iconic Predator sound, Cullen also talks about his reluctance to do more “monster sounds” and the producer’s reaction to his vocalisation.

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