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The Predator Release Date Pushed Back Again – Now September 14th

Continuing the trend of its release date being bounced around, it would appear that The Predator has been pushed back again. Exhibitor Relations are reporting that The Predator will now be releasing a month and a bit later on September the 14th.

“THE PREDATOR sets its sights on Sept. 14, 2018 instead of August 3rd. Obviously hoping to scare up some of that mad money Stephen King’s IT made last year in what is typically a box office dead zone.”

A September 14th release date now brings The Predator up against Alpha, The Darkest Minds and Fighting With My Family (which stars Lena Headey, Nick Frost, Dwayne Johnson).

 The Predator Release Date Pushed Back Again - Now September 14th

This marks the 3rd occasion The Predator’s release date has been changed. It was originally scheduled for release on March 2nd, before being moved to February 9th and then to August 3rd. We’re currently awaiting an official comment from 20th Century Fox.

It was recently reported that The Predator was heading back to Vancouver for an additional three weeks of filming. This is currently scheduled to begin on the 12th of March and wrap-up on the 29th.

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Update: We have confirmed with 20th Century Fox that this is correct and The Predator has been pushed back to September 14th.

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  1. Huggs
    Delays are always a bummer, but I think they're doing the right thing here. There's something in the film they feel the need to change or add. The fact that they're taking the time to make adjustments is re-assuring. It makes me feel that they really are taking this film seriously and are intent on putting forward the best film possible.
  2. dallevalle
    I would like to add that i think it's risky for FOX to bet on IT's success for The Predator, because it's a very different movie style overall...

    Are you sure they're all that different?

    you need want some candy line in that image XDDDD
    Ahh gotcha darkness , pretty crazy how the uk is super liberal with violent movies , yet violent video games like GTA etc always get an 18 stamp . Even alien isolation was an 18 yet alien:covenant was a 15.. pretty bonkers really !
  4. Darkness
    Deadpool was a 15 too. That was pretty tame from what I recall. I'd say Logan was gorier than that.

    Hard R is just a saying that some filmmakers use to say it's going to be fairly gory. You really would have to go out of your way to reach an 18 here and it just doesn't happen as movies are always made for America first. I suppose it's the equivalent of making a NC17 movie which is damn impossible as US cinemas refuse to show them. Hence why it never happens.
  5. Darkness
    A R rating here is almost always a 15. It's very rare these days to see an 18. You'll obviously get it with the Saw movies. It doesn't really matter anyway as both Predator and Predator 2 have been reclassified as 15 now.
    BigDaddyJohn .. works for me bro ! I loved IT ! Pennywise was incredible can't wait for part 2 !

    I think predator will be quite dark and serious in places but with black humour added in , I'm sure I read somewhere that it's going to go through different genres through the movie , Yano one minute it's a comical action film , one minute it's a horror film , the next a serious hard sci if film .

    I suspect the reshoots have happened to tone down the comical side of it and make it more serious and hard hitting , after the test screenings indicated it wasn't for everyone in terms of tone.

    So if predator builds of the back of ITs model of success , that can only be a good thing .

    Can anyone clarify if a R rated film is a 15 or a 18 in the uk ?

  7. BigDaddyJohn
    Man, the emotions are taking over ! Cool to see people come together, damn that's beautiful  ;) !

    Talking about the theory saying that The Predator has been moved to september due to IT's success, do you think that it will affect the tone of the trailers ? I mean, IT was marketed as a very serious and dark movie, and The Predator is less dark IMO, so i wonder if they will go for the "dark" trailers approach...
    Yeah I truly do love predator , I think it boils down to being a kid , I had a pretty crap beginning , and predator was my way of escaping it .. so he's sort of family to me in a weird way , when the dark stuff used to happen , I'd imagine transforming into the beast and avenging some sweet justice on those responsible hahah . Daft I know , but I was only a kid with a huge imagination .

    I'll deffo go and check them guys out right away bio 🤗

    " Can we move along please ??? "

    Petr you should just forget it bro , it's all been done with , me and bio have made up , everyone is friends again . Let's just move on. It won't be hicks deleting your comments , it will be the other mods .

    Back to predator , I can't remember who said it now so my apologies , but the whole eating enemy organs to absorb their strength, to explain the DNA injections has really started to grow on me . When I think about the things I first thought I didn't like , I can see the potential now . Takes a lot to be adjusted to the new I guess .
  9. Biomechanoid
    Haha 😂 it's cool man , people fall out , it's how we go forward that counts ..

    < < <  This message is hidden because the member is on your ignore list > > >


    Joke aside, you certainly seem to have no shortage of passion for the franchise, I'll give you that. I learned a number of things from members here who are more serious Predator fans than I. You should check out the members Predator fan art, Gash, Metalblade, and others. Them boys got talent.
  10. Corporal Hicks
    Petr I've gone through all the deleted posts. I've restored the single post you made directed at azamultic as that wasn't a part of the issue and was deleted by accident. All other posts you made that were deleted were involved in this silly fight and will stay deleted. Hopefully that has settled the issue for you.
    I mean I was talking with my girl today ( she enjoys predator ) and she basically voiced similar opinions to other members on this site , that new ideas do need to be injected into this franchise if it's to survive . I guess I'm stuck in my ways when it comes to predator , maybe it's the nostalgia, I don't know.

    I really enjoyed encounters of a third kind , and Shane black has gone on record to say he wants this film to provoke the same sort of reaction .. that to me is very promising indeed .

  12. Petr Švancara
    I dont insult here anyone ever, I would be glad if anyone here will show me that kind of proof If I am really that wrong, my comments was about Predator and the franchise all the time, the only insult that I noticed is deleting long comments that take time to create, esspecialy when you're trying to answer on the same amount of info. from someone else. Thats not funny at all. Now, I see there are a lot of other comments that are still here, strange. . because all of my previous posts was recently deleted. First, Hicks tell me that I dont keep rules, and second, he said that my posts resulting into the insults. Now, everything that I post is after a while deleted. So, even if dont know what happen here, its all my fault or what? This is a false accuse. Im giving this post a one hour or less before it will be removed again.
    Haha 😂 it's cool man , people fall out , it's how we go forward that counts ..

    I do feel bad though , I took it way to far 😔

    Anyway back to the predator , I'm slowly coming around to the ideas this film will explore , I still think the script is questionable, but I do agree now , execution is where it's at , and as long as the predators look badass I'll be a happy man 🤗
  14. Biomechanoid
    I would be fine with just a Netflix feature film. I think Netflix has produced some great feature films and series. And they are willing to throw some decent size budgets at their projects.

    Oh and welcome to the forums, Evil, time for truce works for me.
    Lol cloverfield paradox was such a let down . It's another example of a cash in film that had no sense of direction in its story telling , was nice to see the clover monster at the end though

    I wasn't even aware it had come out , I thought it was going to be called " the god particle "

    And yes I whole heartedly agree , the predator will be far more successful that cloverfield paradox.

    Could you imagine Netflix making a predator t.v series ?
  16. Biomechanoid
    Because if it flops it's going to be a long time before we see anything again . Although Disney could just sell the rights on to someone like Netflix .

    As others here desire, I too desire the feature film franchise to continue. But handing it off to Netflix as you suggest, wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I don't know if it would have the same success as Netflix's Stranger Things, but I would bet it would do much better than Cloverfield Paradox.
    Yeah it's a funny time for this film to come out really , on the one hand if it does well , Disney will be all over it , if it sinks , it could well be the end for the franchise .  IMO The September release I think has more to do with the reshoots more than anything though.

    Let's all just hope no matter what your opinion is , that this film is at least a commercial success , even if it's not critically .

    Because if it flops it's going to be a long time before we see anything again . Although Disney could just sell the rights on to someone like Netflix .

  18. Morse
    I agree with the video earlier about the film being moved to hopefully emulate the box office numbers IT did. The Predator really has to work IMO because Fox or eventually Disney will not keep making these films if they don't appeal to a wider audience eventually.

    If this time frame helps the franchise overall it's a good thing. A lacklustre box office performance could see standalone Predator movies derailed for a long time.

    I still think this will be a surprise hit, personally.
  19. Corporal Hicks
    That wasn't me but I imagine it's a case of "we've addressed this thoroughly. Let's move on please." I'd message you privately but I'm unable to do so. Enough has been said on the subject. So once again, I ask, let's move on please. Thanks  :)
    Why are my comments being deleted hicks ? I'm not being insulting , im being respectful and I'm being truthful and I just apologised.. scroll down and see bios comment . Is that sarcasm needed ? 
    Why are you not deleting his comment ?
  21. Corporal Hicks
    I'm not sure about in general but Alien: Covenant was featured at Cinemacon and the footage wasn't released online. That said, it's looking likely I'll have a staffer attending the show so we'll know if something is shown.  :)
  22. Hollywood
    God i hope we got the trailer early in march, even though the release pushed back totally could give us a late march/early april trailer. There's cinemacon in late april so i guess we can be sure that we're getting something there anyway.But that's two more months... Come on life, please go faster !

    I'm not as familiar with Cinemacon compared to Comic Con. Do the movie trailers/sneak peeks/sizzle reels showcased there get officially released online or do fans rely on bootlegged leaks to see what they show those attending the convention? Hopefully we can get some of the cast answering questions on a panel too.
  23. Biomechanoid
    Glad to see Hicks realized it wasn't just members who were being insulting , iv noticed without names that certain guest comments who not only insulted just one member, he insulted a lot of members , has been deleted. So thank you hicks for not taking sides . And sorry for my attitude to said guest . Won't happen again.
  24. azamultic
    It's okay man, I thought that they changed release date ;D. PS just to disagree, I don't think Winston would have been too upset about new designs. It is a work and as an artist you can just separate your own design and another artists design. You need to watch the interview about how they were making the castume( just a friendly disagreement)  ;)
    Its out on June the 1st now bro .. still considering the amount of marketing that fox has put into deadpool 2 , I wonder why the predator hasn't received the same ?
    Yeah hicks nipped this one in the bud pretty well I'd say , let's just leave it now , my bad by the way , deadpool 2 is out in June not October , I'm getting mixed up with the venom movie date  🤗
  27. Corporal Hicks
    Perhaps, Petr Švancara, if you made a comment or response without resorting to insulting the community I'd let your posts go through and you be able to respond. How about less woe is me and more grown up? Thanks.  :)
    Back to predator and it's trailer , It's a strange one though , I mean deadpool 2 is from 20th century fox , it's not out till October , yet we had a sneak peak last year, and now we have a full blown trailer already  , I'm curious as to why fox is hesitant on releasing a sneak peak , what's the hold up ? I have an inclination that the negative response to the script and the leaked photos , has made them rework some of the film . I could be wrong but something clearly has changed behind the scenes
  29. JungleHunter87
    I'm starting to think we might see the trailer in mid-April. Fox released Kingsman 2 on September 22 in the US and that first trailer was released on April 24...

    God, I hope so. I’m getting sick of waiting! Every time the goal post is moved. I’m like looking at my calendar shaking my head. I don’t mind the reshoots and I get the rumors behind the logic for a September release. But, just give me SOMETHING already. With a teaser you can still get an idea of tone. Not as much as a full fledged trailer mind you. Still, it would give all of us something to go off of until a full trailer is released.
    To be fair I think hicks has realised it wasn't just guests who were being insulting , iv noticed without names that certain member comments that kicked it all of in the first place , has been deleted. So thank you hicks for not taking sides . And sorry for my attitude to said member . Won't happen again.
  31. Biomechanoid
    God i hope we got the trailer early in march, even though the release pushed back totally could give us a late march/early april trailer. There's cinemacon in late april so i guess we can be sure that we're getting something there anyway. But that's two more months... Come on life, please go faster !

    It's funny. My anticipation level has been dormant on The Predator.  But since reading of the delay, it woke up my impatience.
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