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AvP Galaxy’s Favourite Alien Scenes

In this article the staff of Alien vs. Predator Galaxy have written a bit about their favourite scenes from the Alien and Alien vs. Predator films! The below represents everyone’s individual opinions and not that of the site as a whole. Enjoy!


My favourite scene is of course in Alien when the Nostromo crew find the Derelict spacecraft and upon further inspection, find the fossilized Space Jockey sitting in the cockpit. Seeing the mysterious wishbone-shaped alien craft in the mist… it establishes the eerie atmosphere of the movie flawlessly. The characters wonder into the ship through the bio-mechanical openings before they reach the Pilot’s Chamber.

The Space Jockey scene almost didn’t make it into the movie as 20th Century Fox thought it would be too expensive to create the set just for a single scene. I’m so pleased they went ahead with it. Seeing the Space Jockey there with its ribcage bent outwards presented so many mysteries. Who was the Space Jockey? Why had the Derelict crashed in the first place? What happened to the alien creature that emerged from the Space Jockey?

 AvP Galaxy’s Favourite Alien Scenes

The mysterious Space Jockey.

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