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Predator: Celtic Days – New Predator Fan Film

After some difficulty getting past YouTube’s copyright algorithms, Predator: Celtic Days is now online! The film was originally due for release online back in November but this new Predator fan film is now available to watch on YouTube and Vimeo!

“XVIII c. Ireland. A father is searching for his son, who has run away from home. During his journey he’s finding out more then he anticipated and of course he’s faced with our good old friend, Creachadóir“(that’s Predator in Gaelic). Is it the same one that will give Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) the pistol? You just have to watch this movie.”

What did you think of this latest Predator fan film? Be sure to head on over to the Predator: Celtic Days Facebook page and let them know what you think!

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  1. XenoHunter99
    When people are passionate enough to put together a film like this, they deserve respect for their effort. Maybe you didn't like it, but the film makers can and should be proud of their work. They went all out and it shows.
  2. Stitch
    I just realised that my phone auto corrected my last response in this thread. For some reason in one of my bullet points it turned framing into freaking. Changes the whole meaning of the sentence!
  3. Stitch
    Just watched it. Well done!

    On the whole it's pretty good. Feels a little rushed, but that's to be expected of a short film based on a feature.

    Here are a few things I thought of while watching:

    • I liked the name references but thought that the kid with the apple was a bit too on the nose.
    • The spoken intro I think was unnecessary, and could have been explained in the story, leaving the wonderful Sam Raimi style tracking shot unbroken.
    • The video side was mostly really good, though there were some freaking issues in the tracking shots. I'm also felt that there were too many tracking shots, and they could have been broken up with inserts.
    • The audio side was also really good, in general,
      though there were some scenes with very noticeable ADR where the lip syncing didn't quite match up.

    These are nitpicks more than anything, but I thought it was worth mentioning as feedback. It's very impressive, especially for a fan film, and I hope that more people get to see it, now that it's back up on YouTube!
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