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AvP Galaxy Reviews Aliens: Dead Orbit

Continuing their run of recent Alien comics, Dark Horse Comics released the first issue of Aliens: Dead Orbit towards the end of Aliens: Defiance’s run. Defiance was an ambitious 12 issue long series that started off really strong but started to fall-down in the last half of the series. Aliens: Dead Orbit is a four part series written and illustrated by James Stokoe that brings us back to a simpler but immensely effective series.

The first issue was released on Aliens Day, April 26th 2017, with the final issue (after several delays) being released on the 13th of December. From the very first issue, it was quite clear to see we were in store for something really great with Aliens: Dead Orbit. Each issue continued to be impressive, so much so that as I turned the final pages on that fourth issue I thought that the delays in getting it were completely worth it.

Aliens: Dead Orbit opens with the lonely engineer Wascylewski waiting for his countdown to slowly tick down and we follow as he dons a spacesuit and crosses the damaged exterior space station Sphacteria. Throughout the series we jump from the lonesome Wassy in the present into the past to find out what had happened aboard the Sphacteria.

Surprisingly it had something to do with Aliens! The moving between between time-frames is largely coherent, using visual cues as jumping points to shift the narrative. It does become a little harder to follow during the fourth issue but after a double-take or two, it’s easy to pick up on the different style that Stokoe is using to convey similar action taking place in both time-frames.

 AvP Galaxy Reviews Aliens: Dead Orbit

Click here to read the review in full. Issues #1 to #4 of Aliens: Dead Orbit are available in store. The collected edition of the series is currently slated for release on the 7th of February 2018.

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Comments: 44
  1. HuDaFuK
    They actually did comics for his original script for Robocop 3 as well. Released as Robocop Last Stand

    Ah, right. I stand corrected!

    I always loved the design of Robocop 2.0

    I love how in OCP's mind the next step up from basically a robot man with a sidearm is apparently a nuclear-powered walking f*cking tank dripping with gatling cannons and rocket launchers... and an arc welder :laugh:

    PS. tweet Dark Horse about this kinda thing. It's something I've mentioned to Fox in the past but it'd be good for them there's interest in it.

    Yes, Hicks and I have been doing our best to convince them to do comics of the unmade scripts, so the more prodding they get the better :P
  2. HuDaFuK
    As I just said over in the Last Movie You Watched thread, it's not as good as the first, but I've always felt like it's a much more entertaining action movie than most people give it credit for.
  3. Russ840
    Stokoe has Said in previous interviews that the original pitch was a lot different and more akin to Aliens where as the end product is more like Alien.

    No he's done his Alien comic, he can do his Aliens comic lol

    Take my money. I’d love to see Stokoe gives us his original pitch.  Hopefully there is more than the one page of it in the Dead Orbit collection


    It's William Gibson's Alien III all over again... except for the actually being made part :P

     :laugh: do you know what. How great would it be to get graphic novel based on the unmade screenplays?
  4. Whiskeybrewer
    Read the final issue last night and while it was a quick ending, the wait probably didn't help, it was a spot on ending for the series.

    I think Ill have to get a trade for the artwork from the original pitch, which looks like it could have been a completely different story
  5. Russ840
    I am really happy with it. Im not sure how to display it though. I want to frame it but can’t decide wether or not to stick in the coloured page or not.

    Thank you for posting it for me, Hicks.
  6. Corporal Hicks
    Email it to me and I'll put it on Imgur. corporalhicks - at

    Some snaps of the upcoming trade -

    And most interesting, some artwork from the original pitch for the series

    Thanks to Ultramorph for sending me the link.
  7. Nightmare Asylum
    I think with this one spoilers don't really hinder anything. There aren't really any surprised to be had in it, it all plays pretty straightforward. It is the mood of the piece and the gorgeous artwork that really make it what it is.
  8. Russ840
    Great review dude. Let’s hope a fancy pants follows the Paperback.  The art will be awesome oversized.

    On the subject of the art.  I have managed to procure the original art page of the Aliens abducting Wassy.  It’s the page near the end of issue 2. Should be with me in a few days. I’ll post it up if anyone is interested.
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