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“It Focuses On What the Goal of the Predators Is” – Jake Busey Talks The Predator

Earlier this year Jake Busey revealed that he would be playing the role of of Peter Keye’s son in The Predator. In a new interview with Pop Culture Media, he has spoken a little more about why Shane Black opted to tie in to Predator 2 that way.

“When asked why Black cast him in the film, Busey said he thought the Nice Guys director “felt that it would be a nice tie-in, and something to add some depth and connectivity between the two films, sort of tying the franchise together in a tighter knot having the characters more closely bound.””

Aside from a small mention of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch in both Predator 2 and Predators, the Predator films have never really followed on from each other narratively.

 "It Focuses On What the Goal of the Predators Is" - Jake Busey Talks The Predator

Jake Busey talks about why Shane Black connected back to Predator 2.

Talking further on how The Predator would expand on the mythology of the series, Busey told PCM that The Predator “definitely falls in line with the original franchise in that it does focus on the technology that the Predators have. It focuses on what the goal of the Predators is, and what their modus operandi, and why they come to the planet, and that type of thing. It’s definitely in line with the original franchise.”

This is something that co-writer Fred Dekker has alluded to in the past, saying that his mentality when going into writing The Predator was that to know “what’s behind the curtain? Why are they here? What are they doing? What’s the bigger picture of this?”

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