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AvPGalaxy Visit and Interview with StudioADI!

Alien vs. Predator Galaxy had the incredible opportunity to visit studioADI recently! Not only did we get to have a tour around the monster shop that has been responsible for the Alien and Predator for over 20 years, we also had the chance to speak to studio founders and creature-effect artists Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr!

It’s the last day of my trip in Southern California. As I approached the nondescript office building, I couldn’t help but feel a combination of nervousness and excitement. I knew I was about to meet two people that I’ve respected for a long time, artists whose work has inspired me and fascinated me since my teenage years. I knew I was about to see the works of numerous other artists of the studio, masters of their crafts. What looked like an ordinary office parking lot I had drove into felt like approaching an abyss of otherworldly monsters and technology, one I had only seen through behind the scenes videos on DVDs of some of my favorite films.

Click here to continue reading the article and to watch our interview with Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff JrTom talks a little about his previous Alien 5 pitch, the studio’s work on the upcoming The Predator and more!

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