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Updated: The studioADI Collection Announced!

Practical effects workshop studioADI, designers of the creatures for Alien³, Alien Resurrection, AVP, AVP-R, and next year’s The Predator, have just announced a new batch of official Alien art pieces.

These limited edition pieces from Alien³ and Alien Resurrection include an Alien Warrior Half-Head, full Newborn Alien Head, Alien Queen Embryo, Newborn conceptual face design maquette, Newborn full body maquette, 1:3-scale Queen Alien head, and a Swimming Alien Movement Study.

They’re calling these “The studioADI Collection.” Here are some images of them:

 The studioADI Collection Announced!

These were created using the conceptual sculptures and actual production molds from the films and are hand crafted by the artists of studioADI. They explain that these are art pieces, rather than mass produced collectibles:

When you buy one of these beautiful pieces you are getting as close to the original artwork as possible. That’s because each piece is made from ADI’s original production molds, in our studio, by the artists who created them for the films you love.

You’ll be able to purchase these directly from studioADI’s webstore starting December 1st.

AvPGalaxy recently had the opportunity to visit studioADI in person, watch this space as we’ll be sharing about that shortly!

Be sure to check out studioADI’s Newsletter for updates from them.

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Update – December 1st, 2017 : The studioADI collection goes on sale today, with payment installments available. I’ve also added some additional pictures of the Warrior and Newborn head. It seems the Queen will be coming at a later date.


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  1. Huggs
    Very nice. For a minute, I thought the swimming xeno was some cheesy tribute to that freezing scene in those star wars movies. Glad to see the newborn getting some attention. I've always thought it was a wonderfully creepy design; much better than the neomorph. The eyes add a touch of emotion that lets you know when it's got you in mind.
  2. Corporal Hicks
    I love that they're doing a concept piece of the Newborn too. I hope we might get to see more concept pieces in the future. All those PredAliens and other Newborn designs. I know Sideshow did some but there's probably plenty more designs we've not really seen. 
  3. Scorpio
    The Newborn is such a great design, so creepy and disturbing, especially with the genitals.

    The animatronics to bring it to life are also wonderful.  No cgi used at all, 100% practical.
  4. Kane's other son
    That little moving piece of gristle on its nose ruined the design. That and the fact that the animatronic was too heavy and couldn't move.
    Strangely enough, Prometheus and Covenant have retroactively managed to justify the Newborn's look, turning it into a regression to a more primal version of the black goo creatures.
  5. Alienon
    I just hope that we will never see studioADI again in the films about Alien. It's a shame.

    Odd Studio also has organic aliens, but they look better.
  6. Jenga
    Xenomorphosis: That is just a *cough* very *cough similar creature designed by an artist unrelated to the A:R production.

    Anduu: Why do you say they're going to lose their shirt? Limited production runs, these are being finished at a level of quality that works at a mass production scale, based off of sculptures they have already made and own the molds too. This seems like a pretty safe bet if you ask me
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