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AvPGalaxy Reviews Predator: Hunters!

Predator: Hunters is a five issue series that began on May the 3rd and finished on September the 6th of 2017. Written by veteran Alien and Predator writer Chris Warner (he actually wrote the very first Predator comic!) and illustrated by Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Predator: Hunters is the first Predator series for some time that hasn’t been tied into a major crossover event or the release of a new movie.

So let’s take a look at where the original Predator comic writer has taken the new series! The basic premise of Predator: Hunters follows a specialist team that has all survived previous encounters with the Predator and now they’re on the offensive, investigating and putting a stop to Predator activity on Earth. The story shares some similarities with Predator: Xenogenesis (released in 1999) but unlike Xenogenesis, Hunters finds itself set within modern times and is grounded much more in previous Predator continuity.

Something I really loved with Predator: Hunters was that a good chunk of its protagonists had ties to previous Predator lore. While Xenogenesis’ characters had previous encounters with the Predators, they were original for the series. Predator: Hunters’ team leader, Jaya Soames is the great great granddaughter of Captain Soames from Predator: Nemesis. The other returning characters are Mandy Graves from Predator: Bad Blood and Enoch Nakai from Predator: Big Game.

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