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Hiya Toys to Release Alien: Covenant Figures

Hiya Toys continues their foray into the Alien franchise with a new line of Alien: Covenant figures likely due in 2018. Infinite Earths is reporting that the line is currently in development, and the first figures will be the Neomorph and Xenomorph. This will be Hiya’s first Alien film-based line, as until now they’ve only held the Aliens: Colonial Marines licence on the Alien side of things.

Although there are not any pictures at the moment, we should get our first look at the figures early next year during Toy Fair. In keeping with their current Aliens: Colonial Marines line, these figures will be 1/18th scale (classic G.I. Joe size).

 Hiya Toys to Release Alien: Covenant Figures

Hiya has kept their Aliens: Colonial Marines line going for a while now, with the Raven, Crusher, Power Loader, and APC still on the way. They also have the Predator 2 Lost Tribe due for release this month.

It’s a good time to be a collector with more and more companies offering an increasingly wide array of Alien and Predator products. If Hiya’s lines look appealing to you, be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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