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AvPGalaxy Reviews Alien: Covenant Origins

When we first learnt that Alan Dean Foster was going to be writing a prequel novel for Alien: Covenant, I think it would be easy to forgive that we were all excited for and expecting what could only be a novel exploring the period in between Prometheus and Alien: Covenant where we finally found out what happened to Shaw, David and the Engineers.

So it came as a little bit of a shock when the synopsis for Alien: Covenant Origins was released and it was nothing of the sort. I understand now, having spoken to Alan Dean Foster for the AvP Galaxy Podcast, that 20th Century Fox wanted that direction left open for potential exploration down the line.

Regardless, I can’t fault those who are disappointed in the direction that Alien: Covenant Origins took as it’s a dark cloud of possibility that hangs over the final novel (unfairly, but it’s there). I was a little disappointed myself but I also couldn’t help but still be excited! It was Alan Dean Foster and he was writing an original Alien novel! Albeit one without any Aliens in it.

 AvPGalaxy Reviews Alien: Covenant Origins

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  1. SM
    More than likely.  Her married name would be Branson.  Ricks and Upworth also have different surnames.  And T and Farris, more than likely.  Karine however is possibly Karine Oram.
  2. Perfect-Organism
    I found myself gobbling up this novel.  Mostly I think because I wanted to see if anything relates to engineers or aliens.  But there was nothing.  I suspect that it was ADF's intention to make the nightmares of the prophet be transmitted by engineers, but Fox probably did not permit that.  (Just my conjecture of course). As such, the story falls rather flat.

    Mind you the world building and the sheer pace of action redeems the whole thing.  Yes perhaps ADF jumped the shark with exploding cattle, but as a whole this was the best depiction of earth in the time of the alien universe we've seen this far...  felt very Bladerunner.  Even more so after seeing BR49.
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