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Interview with Predator: If It Bleeds Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt – AvPGalaxy Podcast #56

We have just uploaded the 56th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! The latest episode of our podcast sees RidgeTop and myself chat to Bryan Thomas Schmidt, the editor of the upcoming anthology Predator: If It Bleeds.

We talk about If It Bleeds, Bryan’s love for Predator 2, crossovers, what reboots mean to fans and the studios, canon, his and Holly Roberd’s short story starring Mike Harrigan and Garber, the usual detour to something Star Trek related and plenty more! Bryan also reveals that Titan is published a novelization of The Predator!

 Interview with Predator: If It Bleeds Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt - AvPGalaxy Podcast #56

Predator: If It Bleeds editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt talks about his love of Predator 2 in our latest podcast episode!

When Bryan refers to Nancy Collin’s comic, he is talking about Predator: Hell Come a Walkin’. Predator: If It Bleeds is due for release on the 17th of October and is available to pre-order on Amazon (UK/US). Be sure to head on over to the reviews section and check out my thoughts on the upcoming anthology!

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You can learn more about Bryan on his website. You can also follow him on Facebook or Twitter. Bryan also co-hosts his own podcast called Genre Talk which you can find on Podbean.

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