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MPC’s Alien: Covenant Visual Effects Breakdown

After sharing several snippets of their VFX breakdown over the last few days, MPC have now posted the full breakdown video on YouTube!

“MPC’s VFX team lead by VFX Supervisor Ferran Domenech worked alongside Director Ridley Scott and Production VFX Supervisor Charley Henley to create more than 700 stunning shots for the Alien: Covenant. As lead studio, MPC’s work included the creation of the movies terrifying creatures, alien environments, vehicles and complex FX simulation work.”

The breakdown shows the multiple layers involved in creating many of the effect driven scenes in Alien: Covenant. The breakdown is largely focused around the scenes in and around the Engineer Necropolis, the adult Neomorph and the infamous money shots of the Alien during the lander sequence.

You can check out more of the behind-the-scenes media that people and companies who worked on Alien: Covenant have been sharing on our message boards.

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  1. Corporal Hicks

    Huh. I think I totally forgot to post this with the other Shaw drawings all that time ago (the ones in the "WARNING" Container)! Basically I took two Shaw 'Immaculate Heart" religious/blasphemous studies to completion. In the end I chose the profile version posted previously. While I like the Florentine drapery here with the allusion to Mary's hood/headdress and it's more straight-up like the religious portraits with her heart exposed, in the end I liked the fishbowl helmet doing double duty as a halo and the engineer's spine in place of her own on the profile. And rebreathing stuff. So, y'know, that went in the film! I'd hoped people would get the religious analogy but hey... 😄 Pencil, charcoal, Photoshop

    It wasn't just adults that David 'explored'. Here's a study of an Engineer child. The inference is, what did he do to get the musculature and then skeleton study? Yeesh! Now I think of it that idea would be clearer if I flipped everything so the progression went left to right. Oh well... Pencil, charcoal, Photoshop.

  2. Corporal Hicks

    Very early Neomorph Concept Art for Ridley Scott's Alien Covenant

    Protomorph Skull for Ridley Scott's Alien Covenant. This was 3D printed & used in the puppet & suit version of the Creature.

    Alien: Covenant (2017) - MPC Montreal

    Working on a Ridley Scott movie was a dream come true!

    Working in the Environments Department as primarily a digital sculptor, I was tasked with sculpting high resolution surface details on several of the buildings used in the city. I also did a bit vegetation/debris scattering.

    An ancestor to the facehugger designed and built by Dominic Hailstone for David's lab.

    Some comments from Dane Hallett about this creation -

    I have fond memories of the legendary Dominic Hailstone whittling away at this digital sculpt right behind me as I sketched my ass off. He was earnestly making sure that the 'Pil Bug' would collapse and expand without the legs getting in the way (as it would naturally). They shot the scene in which it features and now I can't even find it a shot of it on the Blu ray. Such is, the nature of the beast I suppose. Awesome work regardless (as usual).
  3. Corporal Hicks
    Some storyboards from Stephane Levallois.
    I don't hide from you that it's pretty good to get up in the morning to draw these plans... Originally, the wreck of the derelict was broken in two by the center (Ridley Scott made a gesture of my hands and bruitait a Little " Crac " followed by a " right " heard... and it was through that crack that the characters were coming back.
    I wanted to design the walls of the very gigeriens room, with bone shapes... although i know that in terms of decoration, it is much more complex and expensive to produce...
    The little insect bugs that infestaient the carrion are moving and they're gonna contaminate the smart guy...
    The virus enters the auditory canal and passes through the tympan. I find interesting the similarity of form between the ear canal and the couloir corridor, the alien vessel... I don't know if it was Scott's. I think so.
  4. Corporal Hicks

    Our Hallet dummy for the mouthburster scene. Very old school effect, loads of fun. We pushed a Neomorph baby puppet out of the Hallet dummy mouth with litres of slime and blood for the birthing. A stunt, contortionist was to be used for the scene as well however Ridley was so impressed with actor Nathaniel Dean @nathaniel__dean it wasn't necessary. All shot on location in Milford Sound NZ.

    Sculpted by Colin Ware @prosthetix , painted by Damian Martin, meched by Thomas Van Koerden and Graham Riddel @grahammcbeyriddell , hair punched by Alice Baueris and puppeteered on set by Conor O'Sullivan , Adam Johansen @adman855 , Colin Ware & Rob Trenton

    We've seen this one in the past but I don't think we've seen it in good quality.
  5. Corporal Hicks
    Apparently from one of the Engineer actors who was registered on Scified but I can't find the particular thread.

    Spotted this one via Alien Xenomorph Origins on Facebook. No idea as to the actual source, though.
  6. lv_226
    Man, this is awesome!

    From the shot at 3:13  (my favorite shot of the alien in this movie) it would appear the film had a different color-gradation. I like this blue-ish tone, it looks quite like Prometheus. I love it!
    Rather annoyed that most of the practical effects are replaced by CGI, however it looks like the practical effects were limited, textures animatronics pulse bladders to convey convinving realism, its as though the practical creature suits were simply a stand in to be fixed by CGI afterwards.   ???
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