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Alien: River of Pain Audio Drama Review

For the first officially sanctioned Alien Day in 2016, 20th Century Fox, Audible and Dirk Maggs surprised us with an audio drama adaptation of Tim Lebbon and Titan Book’s Alien: Out of the Shadows. Out of the Shadows was the first of a relaunched series of Alien novels from Titan and for their first Alien audio dramaAudible and Maggs adapted that first. And it was awesome!

I’ve enjoyed the audio drama format for a while but my favorite franchises never really had a big presence in that world which is something I was often disappointed about. Utilizing a great cast, some fantastic sound effects and a great adaptation of a solid foundation, Dirk Maggs gave me an experience I’d been waiting for for a long time.

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  1. HuDaFuK
    I'd guess they're just doing them in chronological order. I can see the logic to that.

    The bit that's stuck with me from Shadows is Kasyanov's death. Such a harrowing scene.
  2. The Cruentus
    Both the audio dramas of Shadows and Pain adds to or makes changes to the novel which means you are getting something new out of it whereas most audio version of novels is just someone reading from the book.
    So I enjoyed listening to them. One notable change in the audio version was that Hoop (is it?) actually tried to help Sneddon and remove the creature, before being stopped by Ripley, whereas in the novel he doesn't do anything which I found odd and not a natural response. Another silly thing however and I think this is in the novel as well, is that Ripley/Ash are aware of Queens as well as using that term for them despite lacking Hudson analogy for coming to that conclusion

    On another note, I don't get why they skipped sea of sorrows though as that is the second book.It is an odd book with all the telepathy nonsense but still, they should do things in order.
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